Mass Media – Change It and You Change the World

Mass Media - Change It and You Change the WorldThere’s nothing more criminal in the modern world than the falsehood and irresponsibility permeating mass media. Anybody can write, anything can be written, and it also costs next to nothing, reaching and spoiling everyone. A person’s destiny completely depends on the environment (see Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom“). Crimes, crises and suffering are all results of the involuntary absorption of incorrect and harmful information. Mass media feeds us this information and gets us hooked on it, changing the way we think and ruining us. Thus, by changing mass media, we’ll change the world!

Mass media needs to change to the degree we change. However, it needs to lead the way, as a group helping us reach a higher goal.

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  1. It seems to me that mass media has gotten so completely ridiculous with its lies, that more & more people can hardly NOT notice (though feel powerless against it).  Will the masses ever rebel? How else will the powerful controlling the media change? Seems the only way they’ll change is through their own self-interest in keeping the masses satisfied. Therefore if increasing numbers are dissatisfied, will this be enough for the media controllers to at least provide the masses with something a little better than the corruption they’re spreading now?

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