Horrible Manifestations of the Ever-Growing Egoism

Horrible Manifestations of the Ever-Growing EgoismA question I received: Newspapers are full of reports about a mother having sexual relations with her two sons, allegedly to spite her husband. The 38 year old resident of Netivot, Israel was arrested on suspicion of having sexual relations with her two sons. She said that she did it to spite her husband, whom she is divorcing.

Lately we’ve been hearing about many cases of mothers raping their children. Why is this happening now, and with mothers? After all, a woman’s love for her children is the most natural, pure, real, and essential feeling! So what is making mothers abuse their children so cruelly?

My Answer: Egoism is assuming these horrible forms because we should have started correcting it on the mass scale a long time ago. The time of correction began with the Ari, and Baal Shem Tov also tried to achieve this by spreading Chassidut in Eastern Europe.

Egoism has grown beyond the boundaries of the natural, animate level, and is manifesting in a supernatural form, in order to force us to reject it and instead adopt bestowal and love. Unless we realize this and start correcting ourselves by studying Kabbalah (i.e. acquire a basic understanding of nature, life, and the world), then in the near future we will face even uglier manifestations of egoism, such that the world has never seen.


  1. how bad (the egoism) it can get? It’s all over the midia new’s now here in brasil: Step mother beat’s the six older childreen, try to sufocate her, if that was not cruel enoufh,  her father finish the job, pushing her to fall dow eleventh floor. Can we imagine worse thing’s than that happening? All over our’s life’s the only thing we saw was bad fact’s caming  from history . Million’s of book’s full of horror estories. War’s, blood serial killer’s, disease’s, man’s omission’s for all type of humanty suffering. 
    Supost heros and them fake revolucion’s,  but in the end just cold assasin’s looking for a moment of glory. And believe or not most of them have their name craved in history like some kind of some one we have to honor e fallow their step’s. 
    And their’s  lifes is a motive of scrutiny and study in
    It’s not,  how bad the egoism goin to get, is how long we goin to see how’ bad it’s alwayl’s has been.
    LIke kabbalah apoint’s to us the egoism is our forever wourse enemie.

  2. It’s getting worst every day. The news shock us with all those horrible murders. Parents killing their children like demons. That’s enough, I don’t know how it can get worse.

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