How To Master The Creator’s Program

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to transition from the material world to spirituality, from the current perception of reality to the authentic one. We need to explain to ourselves that the reality we perceive right now is illusory, transient, and accidental, depending on our internal qualities. Reality only seems stable to us, but in truth, it can be altered, corrected, and transformed.

Suppose you receive a computer and assume it doesn’t have any additional features besides those you are aware of. You look at the same picture all the time because you have no other. Suddenly, an expert comes to you and says: “Look at this keyboard I brought you; try it.” And you start pressing keys and suddenly discover a lot of new things.

You are shown pictures where you recognize yourself. And so you enter them and start programming the world you are living in. You give commands, and indeed, everything changes around you. At this point, you start to realize that the world functions according to a certain program called “the Creator.” But to the extent you become similar to Him, you gradually acquire His functions as a commander.

And later on, you arrive to the state when you overtake this keyboard with your own hands, with all its commands and programs available to you, with all that is taking place, and essentially, with your own fate. And thus, picture by picture, you start organizing all of those images that come to you and continually change. Now you can plan on your own what to be, as it is written: “Israel is above the stars and the signs of luck.”

Suddenly, you observe that the past life is left behind, and you have already moved far ahead from the first image. You realize that you are not in it. But where are you now? You discover that you are in a certain reality and are engaged in it, programming it. It is increasingly open to you, beyond time, motion, and space, outside of the previous perception of reality, and your animate body is no longer there.

You already feel that the entire world of matter has dissolved since it didn’t exist in the first place; it was simply a sensation accompanying that very first image. That’s why our world is called a “make-believe world.” And the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to view reality correctly, or how to reveal the Creator.
From the Introductory Lecture Series 1/4/2011, “What does the Wisdom of Kabbalah Revolve Around”

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