A Person Lives Within Desires And Acts Emotionally

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Must a person learn to feel every level of existence or is this feeling awakened automatically?

Answer: Only sufferings can occur automatically. They force us to learn, meaning, to feel all levels of existence, and the learning is self-correction, to return to my senses that were lost. Integral education involves this.

Today, I exist as a fragment thrown out of the general system. To be incorporated together with everyone, as one body, I must acquire senses that I have lost. Then I will be able to feel the other as I feel myself and the environment that surrounds me as my nature. This enables me to link correctly with the human world that surrounds me—humanity and civilization—and with the environment, the world of the animate, the vegetative, and the still.

To do this, I am required to have appropriate senses, feelings. Without feelings, I am simply not ready to act. A person lives within desires and acts emotionally. Therefore, we must recover these five senses.

Then, it is clear that nutrition and everything else will automatically be sustained in us. However, to develop these five senses in a person, we must at least bring him to the right society. With the influence of the environment, everyone can change.

The environment has the same characteristics as I do. The moment that it begins to be linked with me, it begins to pressure me, to work on me from all directions. All that I have—the infinite desires, thoughts, efforts, movements, and comprehension—all these are found 100% within the human environment. Therefore, they work on me and even mold me, acquiring every form for me internally and externally.

Therefore, for us, the main thing is precisely integral education. A person is changed under the influence of a properly adapted environment. Only after this, he begins to comprehend the influences and the more subtle fields that exist around him. His sense of smell begins to grasp what it was not ready to do before. His hearing suddenly changes. One begins to feel everything around him from a distance, like a blind person does. With sound, I can measure distances with my eyes closed.

This means that a multitude of new senses become included within me. Then, I can handle things correctly by myself; accommodating myself to the people around me. Considering that all of my senses have been sharpened clearly, I will relate differently to food, smells and sounds, everything. I try to change everything to be in harmony with this. In this way, I am changed under the influence of the environment. Through my influence and together with the environment, I change the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate. That is how this must work.

I am sure that we will succeed in recovering our lost senses through which it will become possible to feel the world around us, and with the influence of an integral link with the environment, we acquire additional senses on the level of “Human Being” found beyond the nature of the animate. Thus, I will feel life, the origin of life, the behavior of the universe, all that exists around us. In the meantime, this is beyond my senses, not perceived by them.

Together with all of humanity, or at least with part of it, I will feel the spiritual creation as one purpose, as one thought, and its influence on me. I am found within it. Everything passes through me. Everything that I do, especially the internal actions, are found in harmony with this immense system. If they are not yet in complete harmony, I will correct them. I see how I am linked through billions of threads with all the spiritual and physical elements of creation.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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