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What We Have To Reach This Fall

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have talked and read a lot about our needing to unite. However, until recently it was a relatively quiet period and we still were not prepared to realize that the need to unite is the decisive fundamental factor and everything depends on it.

We have heard about this for years, but did not feel that everything that we expect takes place precisely in unity. The “trigger” did not function in us, there was no internal “click,” the realization that the result of everything that we study and do is only in this. But lately, it’s beginning to sink in, basically, with the introduction of integral education, which we first need to apply to ourselves.

As a result of the sequence of our congresses that will continue until the fall, we will come to the quality of “automatism,” meaning we will convince ourselves that the correction of our estrangement is in the unification of everyone together; this is our task. As for the desire for something incomprehensible, higher, for the Light, it will be manifested automatically if we achieve the correct unity. So, we have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that the upper reality, in terms of desires (Kelim), is hidden in unity. The more we automatically apply this, even if it is increasingly more difficult to master this approach, the more we will be able to enter the upper world.

We see this in the example of the Egyptian exile, with the group which Abraham created. Pharaoh (egoism) was asked, “Let us go!” In other words, “tear us from yourself, let us break away!” And when it was stated strongly, there came the last ten blows, the “ten plagues of Egypt.”

Actually, this is the last ten manifestations of egoism, when the egoistic thickness (Aviut) expresses itself in its last ten layers when a person has finally “matured.” Although these ten stages of egoism affect us, they also already raise us and in the end push us into the upper world.

Thus, egoism itself as it grows (and it grows only to the extent that we are ready to connect above it), it immediately helps us. It burns hotter and hotter and then we reach a new degree. I am sure that we have to start feeling these ten stages of the increasing ego to the extent of our unity. And then, we will feel that our egoistic attempts, on the one hand, give us nothing, but on the other hand, add a new level of connection.

In other words, in our unity we need to begin to feel ourselves more complex, more “intricate,” and at the same time see that this system, similar to an electronic circuit, consisting of various radio components, still does not work. It seems that everything is in place and we try to unite; but still there is nothing. However, as we go through egoistic blows, we constantly find more and more new places where there is no contact between us at a more serious level.

That is why we should see our egoism as “help against oneself.” Appearing between us every time, it adds an opportunity for us to reach the common ego that is necessary for the first degree. This means that there is nothing “against,” it works together with the Light, and we should see in it just one single action from the part of the Creator: on one side, the Light, the right line, and on the other side, egoism, the left line.

Thus, they work constantly, alternately, like two legs, and a person moves forward in the middle line. The Creator, the general Force from Above, manages these two properties, and we need to realize them correctly from the bottom-up to become equal to the Creator. The Light and the desire have to be equal by level, and the greater they are, the closer we rise to the Creator.

Our group Bnei Baruch was created in the mid-nineties, although I have students who came from 1991. Imagine that since then and until recently we hardly spoke about unity seriously. We studied the sources, read the articles, but could not yet start doing it seriously, practically. Only now we have started to organize workshops and develop the method of integral education, but we were not engaged in this until now because it was too early.

I feel that the group and the world are currently united and depend on each other. Until now, there was no such tension, there were no such conditions such that we could seriously, actively, and practically begin to realize our unity. So, I see the results of the last few months by the desire (Kli) that we create. The result of our previous conventions is a greater and greater feeling of the need and our unity.

I should understand that spirituality is between us, only inside, only at the intersection of our desires. I need to imagine it like this automatically. Even if egoism rises to the next level, I nonetheless must find this state quickly, feel distancing, experience hatred of what separates us, and aspire to greater unity again.

Moreover, this unity will be more and more qualitative. It’s not about connection on the material level, in songs, various activities; on the contrary, it will be felt deeper and deeper, more internal. It will not be related to the parameters of our world, with distances, with characters, etc.

Unity will be increasingly discovered as a kind of spiritual substance, a gradually revealed network of forces, connection between us that exists in reality. We find only it, and all the other external attributes that we still imagine will gradually disappear. This is how our spiritual Kli will emerge. Thinking about spiritual matters, we will imagine unity more clearly in the form of this network of connections between us, inside every Partzuf, between the Partzufim, which consists of the Sefirot and sub-Sefirot, and they will all come together in the system called the “world.”

These worlds are arranged linearly, hierarchically, depending on egoism and on the way that we work on it at every degree, how it’s graduated. All this is the 125 degrees of the spiritual ladder. And at the same time, the worlds are round.

This entire system will be presented to us as the only existing one, and we will seemingly dissolve into it gradually; we do not exist, there is no physical body, there is no entire physical world. This shadowy world just disappears.

We will desire common spirituality instead of an individual one, imagining it only in the form of unity that will be more and more clearly manifested as a network of forces between us. And in this network of forces, we will really feel ourselves, our inner “self” that exists united with each other.

Then, we will begin to feel what happens in this network instead of everything that happens in the material world. Our world is just some external manifestation of spirituality in the form that we can now notice it. And it’s through these external indicators that we have to try to discover the only real existing network between desires, the entire system of the universe. These attempts will begin to appear in everyone’s consciousness, and the general system will become more and more obvious, determining the only one existing.

I think this is what will become the outcome of our efforts and conventions. I hope it will happen. But it depends on everyone’s individual and all our collective efforts in the movement towards it.

As a result, we will begin to connect all our knowledge, the group work, work with humanity, and studies of the structures of spiritual worlds. All will be added. outlining a single picture and us within it.

This should be the result of our ongoing series of conventions. I would very much like that when it’s over we could very clearly, soberly, in reality imagine ourselves existing in this system and feeling that it determines our internal and external state, the state of the world, and in general of everything. One way or another, this picture is created based on many attempts.
From the 2nd Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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Crisis: The Search For The Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, we have gradually attained awareness that our existence is harmful, and we call this a “crisis.” We still don’t think that this is a general crisis encompassing all realms of human existence. We still don’t understand and do not connect all the individual crises within the family, in education, in culture, in science, in relationships, and most importantly the crisis threatens our existence—financial,  economic, and ecological. Yet all of these crises are essentially the same crisis.

In general, the word “crisis” in its translation and in its correct meaning symbolizes birth. In ancient Hebrew and also in Aramaic, the term indicated the same thing, a place upon which a woman gives birth. In ancient times there were special birthing stones upon which a woman would give birth with the help of midwives. This place was called a “Mashber.” This concept is found to symbolize birth in many languages, translated as the “birth of something new.”

This is to say, we should not look at a crisis as it’s seen by everyone who wants to get more and more out of this world, who are meanwhile acting as egoists without any deliberation. You can see that there are many who think that in this crisis something now must be corrected and then everything will be okay as it was the day before yesterday.

But lately there are fewer and fewer people like these and we see all these things happening very rapidly. After five years of the crisis it’s now clear that it is continuing and will not just gradually go away by itself. They are already saying that this will take about twenty years to correct as if it would be possible to correct something using the old methods in spite of everything. It has already become clear that this crisis will not end in another year or the following year.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the crisis will continue. It will evolve and deepen. We will yet reach states, which at the present time seem to us as impossible, when people will lose their human visage, becoming like wild animals, taking upon themselves laws, general rules, and norms of behavior that were considered inhuman, beneath the human level throughout the twentieth century. The accepted conventions will be pushed aside by our evolving ego and in general we will gradually descend to the level of the beast.

On the way, there could even be wars. We see how this is happening in the world today, when suddenly for no clear reason these break out in various regions and nations and phenomena begin to appear whose true reasons are not clear to anyone. Essentially these reasons always existed but were buried deep within and were not visibly apparent, or at least not sufficiently prominent to arouse problems, as for example in Syria or Lebanon, and so forth. This is speaking here about the social and political problems.

And in addition to this, there are very deep economic reasons; because the ego is revealed first and foremost in the economic area. This is because the economy reflects the connection between us, who gives to whom, how much and how they receive. Therefore the economy shows us first and foremost how much the system has become uncontrollable. We don’t understand which laws are currently governing us at all because the world is rising to another level. According to its level of development, it has already passed through the egoistic stage and has reached a particular limit. And as Baal HaSulam already hoped at the beginning of the twentieth century, from now on, more and more, we will need to reach the awareness that we must connect.

Essentially all of these conditions also existed in Russia at the time of the socialist revolution. These were all the revelations of the inner development of the human towards a new social order. But in the end, nothing came of it. As you know, Baal HaSulam hoped very much that the revolutions in Russia and Poland would transpire differently, and not just be taking the power into their own hands and establishing a new egoistic order, a new government. World War I was a “trigger,” the first “shot,” the first push toward the fact that the world must begin to change.

Therefore in the wisdom of Kabbalah it is said that if people don’t succeed in understanding that evolution must be through connection above the ego, which is presently leading us towards this connection, the world will then continue to become more and more incomprehensible. This is because the nature that had previously been discovered within each one of us and all of us together had pushed us for thousands of years in an egoistic form. In accord with our ego, we developed science, technology, commerce, and various social relationships; we changed society, we went through a change in form…

But ultimately the ego reached the end of its development and began to “circle” back on itself. Why? This was because nature had developed and exposed the entire ego, expanding it to a state of absolute mutual, global, “round” connection. Accordingly, we must also be “round,” meaning, connected into a single whole, and we are not doing this.

Revealed here is not just some kind of disorder; rather, it’s a fundamental difference between our economic, political, social, and internal mechanism, and everything that exists, that system, that program that nature brings up for us. This is because it began to be discovered not only in a more and more egoistic form, but also in a form of egoistic communication. And yet within this system there are various altruistic connections between us that are beginning to be revealed by which we are becoming completely transformed.

Thus an overlap between the two systems is being formed. Nature, the internal system, is discovered more and more as being altruistic, integral or analog; whereas we came to exist within a system of egoistic mutual connection that we developed over thousands of years. And so, the nature that aroused this egoistic development in us has now changed and continues to change more and more. Essentially, the Creator, the system of integral connection, has begun to be revealed more and more within human society, within civilization.

This state of opposition between the two systems is dangerous and not at all clear to us. Therefore none of today’s leaders, scientists, technologists, political scientists, sociologists, politicians, economists, or financiers, not one of them understands how to manage this system.

This is the greatest problem. We always ruled through the developing ego; we directed it towards various goals and areas. Someone who was more of an egoist, more clever, profited. We tried to do this also in other forms, such as through socialist revolution. But there was no method for connecting the people then, and so in the end the egoists rose to power and began to manage by using socialistic and altruistic slogans but essentially within the same egoistic system. Therefore nothing came of this at all; on the contrary, everything became worse.

And it’s not clear how the world will continue to advance and develop before it is discovered that there is a method of transition from that egoistic system in which all of human civilization is found to an integral altruistic system. So it’s up to us to clarify this and to tell others.
From the Preparation for the The Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/12/13

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For The Good Of The Common Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We go through various stages. Earlier you talked about the need to study the Kabbalistic sources, and now you pay more attention to integral education

Answer: I do not deny what I once said. I see in this the sequence of our movement towards the creation of the common Kli (vessel). There is no contradiction.

I come to the class in the morning and do not know what we will study, not the topic, nothing; it’s not important to me; in principle, we study the same thing. The same material is repeated all the time, although, for example, Rabash has a huge number of articles, many of which we haven’t opened or read. The Study of the Ten Sefirot contains whole volumes that we have never studied either, and so on.

Moreover, apart from the works of Baal HaSulam and Rabash, there are many interesting books on Kabbalah that we do not touch. We just have no time for this, and frankly, we do not need it. We have to be involved in attainment instead of studying all the Kabbalistic literature that was created before us. It’s impossible to learn all of it. There are dozens, even hundreds, of true Kabbalistic sources, but not all the Kabbalists could present material well, although they were great in the attainment of the upper world. However, presenting materials in an accessible manner requires other qualities. Even Moses talked about his difficulties because he could not express himself well.

This is why practically we study only the most necessary. And I rely on the students in this. They select the material and establish the external form of the lesson, but the inner content of the lesson is going according to a certain line. So, there is no deviation.
From the 1st Preparation to the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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The Golden Key To The Solution Of Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are there any indicators or evaluations for determining whether there is a healthy situation at the level of the family, for instance?

Answer: I think that we are not taught properly about the behavior in a family. We study in the group that spiritual attainment requires us to move forward. It’s based on the fact that the ego is constantly growing and unity is constantly growing above it. That is, if we feel 20 kilograms of mutual egoistic repulsion between us, then we have to rise above this. This means that the uniting force needs to be at least one gram more than repulsion.

Is it not as it should be? We are brought up incorrectly. We, egoists, are constantly growing and changing. Each spouse is in his internal egoistic states: by strength, character, etc. I want romance and she wants cosmetics. I want to go fishing and she wants to dream.

We are not taught what we should constantly work on. As a result, family life is destroyed. Why do families break up? As soon as egoism starts growing and switches from the animal level to the next human degree, we no longer understand how to cope with it.

It becomes integral and people do not know at all how to work with it, “It’s easier to get a divorce!” It becomes a normal phenomenon and we do not criticize it. And it’s really true because we fundamentally do not understand how we can work with our nature. All of this is manifested in this way.

So, when we go out to the general public with a lecture or dissemination, then everything that we studied in Kabbalah earlier becomes the magical golden key to solving any problem in integral education. Just as we are trying to unite in the group, we can unite in family by exactly the same system. Otherwise, the family will cease to exist!

Even in those modern civilizations where the family still maintains the historical foundation and way of life, nothing will be left there either if we do not introduce integral education. And it’s entirely based on Kabbalah. What you do in the group, do at home and at work.

Today, we bring our methodology to various businesses and managers who also complain that people lose motivation; a person cannot force himself to work. He needs money, he needs to live, but he cannot force himself.

The world will suffer until it becomes convinced that we cannot manage without the system, which you derive only from the knowledge of the spiritual structure; you need to implement it because the world is entering it yet doesn’t know how to act within it. It turns out that it adjusts itself according to the new spiritual structures, but everyone still tries to live in it by the egoistic principles.

That is why the family crisis can be solved easily. Show examples of workshops and all kinds of integral interactions through the same television series. Start teaching people the method of bringing them together and you will see how it will begin to work. People will not know from where they get the desire for unity; they will not have a clue that they learn this from the heroes of television shows.

The dissemination of the method of integral education is not just going somewhere and telling something to someone. It should be our main weapon. In this case, we calm the world down. Moreover, this spreads as fast as anything else.
From the 1st Preparation to the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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Unemployed Young People Push Europe To Revolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Wolfgang Schäuble, German finance minister):‘We must win this battle against youth unemployment,’ Mr. Schäuble warned, ‘or we will lose the battle to hold Europe together.

“From the suburbs of Stockholm to the streets of Athens, ‘however, the battle is being lost one riot at a time. The unrest that recently rocked Sweden reflects a youth unemployment rate of almost 25 per cent, with young immigrants hit hardest. The jobless rate among those under 25 stands at 60 per cent in Greece. It’s 56 per cent in Spain and above 40 per cent in Portugal and Italy.

“And that’s only half the story, since unemployment rates take into account only those young people who are seeking work. Millions more have simply stopped looking, while two-thirds of those with jobs have been reduced to part-time work or temporary contracts.”

My Comment: A whole generation is not working and does not want to. We are faced with terror up to the point of capturing power. Treatment by any means will not help; distributing drugs is also a temporary measure. In any case, only a change of consciousness and as a consequence, the attitude to oneself, society, and the world will let us continue our civilization. It is time to change the human being …

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The Lack Of A Good Example Is A Bad Example

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to constantly see before us the good example of the friends who show us an example of greater power and greater dedication. When I look at a weak friend, even if he is on the same path I am, I also grow weak. We have to agree that we work together and empower one another.

Just seeing weak people, even in our society, causes us harm since it weakens us by setting a bad example. I look at the friend and I also begin to think that I can study less and not come to the lesson every day.

So I have to see a burning fire in everyone. The society must demand this from every member. No one can just remain on the side and study quietly in the corner. He has to set an example for others. I have to feel that I receive vibes of yearning for the goal from everyone, how new daily changes occur in them with regard to the Creator and the environment, so that I will feel as if I lag behind the others who are advancing quickly and will be drawn by them, and so that I will envy their success egoistically and will not be able to calm down. But if they don’t provide me with all this, I don’t need such a society.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/10/13, Writings of Rabash

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While Collecting Grains Of Awe

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything, but the moments in which I begin to see the goal through the group, adhesion with the Creator, the accurate direction that gives me an accurate picture of the goal before me, is all considered idolatry. It’s a very concrete clarification: Who am I doing this for, for myself or for the benefit of the Creator, which means who is enjoying that fact that I exist now?

There is no other means of keeping myself in the right direction. A person manages to exert himself for a moment and to direct himself towards the goal through the group, and the next moment he already needs more support from the group. Thus it constantly increases. If he doesn’t receive this support, he will not hold on in the right direction. This means that he doesn’t add to his measure so it will fill up and then afterwards his first spiritual level will be revealed. It’s a very clear condition, with very simple laws and forces: The Light opposite the vessel and the Masach (screen), which now must be built between them.

In order to stay on track, I have to constantly connect “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator”—23½ hours a day. Then I can spend the half hour that is left on self-criticism of the inner factors that help me stay on track, which is the group. There is nothing but that, and my advancement totally depends on the environment.

So I dedicate 23½ hours a day in search for a stronger environment, to justify the friends and judge them to a scale of merit, looking for and collecting every grain and bud of awe. I allow myself to be critical only half an hour a day so as to find out what is wrong, why, and how to correct it.

But I work with the society during the whole 24 hours, by connecting Israel, the Torah and the Creator. It’s because the Torah is the Light that Reforms that operates only through the environment. This is the only thing in which we should engage. You can even check whether you are moving in the right direction or not by the number of hours you spend a day on it. If you don’t know how to examine the direction by yourself, then you should at least impress others, this is called serving the other!

You can, of course, offer the friend a sandwich. The main thing he needs from you, which is the reason he is in our society, is a good example that evokes him; I have to provide him with such examples.

If I only worry about that, then it will undoubtedly keep me on the right track, even if I don’t see it. Suppose a beginner who doesn’t understand anything yet is required to do only one thing: To impress the others by the fact that we are on the right track. Then he will surely advance together with everyone else on the same wagon, although the others have been studying for twenty years and he has just arrived. This is how it works.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/10/13, Writings of Rabash

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There Are No Free Meals

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs our sages said, “…All is in deposit, and a fortress spreads over all of life. The store is open and the shopkeeper sells by deferred payment; the book is open and the hand writes. And all who wish to borrow may come and borrow, and the collectors return regularly, day-by-day, and collect from a person knowingly and unknowingly. And they have what to rely on…”

Question: Who are the “collectors?”

Answer: They are the forces that push me forward, but they still demand my personal exertion since otherwise I will have no desire for it. Everything revolves around the desire: whether it exists or not. Accordingly, I receive powers and a filling. The forces ignite the desire in me and the filling extinguishes it. So the collectors can work in both directions.

Question: Why were these forces given this name? I imagine it as some income tax collector…

Answer: It’s even worse than that. Suppose I enter a store and receive a basket of products that the owner registered on my account. Time passes and I don’t return, I don’t answer the phone, and then the owner sends some people to me to collect the debt.

The collectors actually serve me but on certain conditions. Actually it’s the same landlord who persistently asks me to pay the debt. In other words I have to exert myself and to make an effort for what I have received. After all, I asked to pay by credit for these products: “Give me power, give me health, give me energy, and then I will work and pay for everything. I will take part in the lessons, in the activities in the group, I will connect to the friends, I will do everything, just give me the powers to do so and then I will pay by the intention of in order to bestow.”

Question: So it only seems that the owner is not in the store.

Answer: Of course. There are some “lucky” people who live only on their immediate income and are free from any worries about the corporeal world. Great sums enter their account every month and they don’t do anything. Their life is simple; wealth doesn’t “drive them crazy” and they don’t feel that they need anything. It’s simply “Heaven,” and you can get whatever you want. When I look at such people, I see that they have no idea what a vacation is since their whole life is a vacation and they “float” above the ground.

So it only seems that they take goods from the store without any account. In fact there is a very great debt building up behind them, a debt that I wouldn’t wish myself. Since then the correction of the soul will be very…

Question: Still, on the outside it seems that everything is good for them.

Answer: Imagine that a thief manages to steal several million dollars and he spends it carelessly, but at the same time the police are tightening the rope around him; how will it all end? This is the reason that we bring integral education to the world and we are trying to explain to people that humanity is actually stealing from the earth. We mustn’t just deplete it of all its natural resources and do whatever we feel like. Nature is “round” and inseparable, and we mustn’t penetrate it without knowing its laws. Eventually we will have to pay the account. Today it’s very clear, we see that the time to pay the debt has come and in different areas, on different levels, and the cost will be blood…

In the meantime the threats are rapidly increasing and it’s integral education that will help us prevent disasters. It will explain to people that their debt is growing and they can recuperate like the people of Nineveh when Jonah the prophet was sent to them. He explains to them that the Creator will soon present them with the account and will demand the payment, and then they will reform.

First, having no choice, people understand that they have to change the relations between them and later their forced actions will evoke the Light that Reforms. Then they will feel that it’s worth it even without the Light and without any excuses.

If we succeed in spreading the method of integral correction, of mutual guarantee, the new perception of education, then everything will be different. If we don’t succeed, then it won’t. One way or the other, the whole world will unite into one whole and we will be in its center, or more accurately in the center of the “bomb” that may go off. If we don’t succeed everyone else will unite in order to eliminate us.

Question: So what can we do if we can’t count on a miracle?

Answer: Nothing, except for dissemination and prayer. We evoke people, they join us, and together we all finish the work. If you lack powers, turn to the Creator for help, after all, you are not asking for yourself any more, but for others.

Question: So what does our success depend on?

Answer: Only on the recognition of the importance of the mission that is before us. If according to my nature I cannot be a teacher, I will arrange and prepare the classrooms. If I am not eloquent, I will disseminate material on the street. There is always something one can do and its importance determines everything.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/07/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Choosing Between Two Extremes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Every evolutionary process is a cycle: There is a beginning, a climax, and an end. Don’t you feel that the evolution of civilization is coming to an end in the egoistic feeling?

Answer: Today we have returned to Mesopotamia! Once again we are in ancient Babylon. Only this Babylon now covers the entire globe. That ancient Babylon, a civilization of three million people, has grown to seven billion. We are back in the place we escaped from, which means in the same crisis that the ancient Babylonians went through. This is exactly what Kabbalists predicted.

Question: But the people in ancient Babylon did manage to exit the ego?

Answer: They did not overcome the crisis but solved it in a different way. They drew away from one another and dispersed all over the earth, which we cannot do.

If we don’t solve the crisis we are in by using the wisdom of Kabbalah, the only thing we will be able to resort to will be war, there is no other way. It’s our only point of freewill, we will either be able to bring people to our method before they start a war or they are about to experience the path of sufferings; there is no other way.

Nature is not cyclic, it has never been and will never be; it doesn’t develop that way. We see it in the still, vegetative, and animate nature; we see it in space. If a certain body revolves around another body, it doesn’t mean that it is a cycle but that it moves forward. Just like the backward and forward movement of a wheel moves forward.

Nature doesn’t need cyclicality. If we say that nature is conscious, wise, and that it created us and it is clear that the program that manages us is much wiser than us, then cyclicality is corruption, lack of purpose, and absolutely inconclusive.

Kabbalists started writing since the days of Adam. He was the first Kabbalist who discovered the spiritual world 5,770 years ago and who wrote about it in the book The Angel Ratziel. Since then everything that Kabbalists prophesied was accurately fulfilled. Therefore, I see no reason that this is going to change.

A person who studies Kabbalah begins to see its laws since it’s just like physics: There are two forces, two vectors that are balanced by a third force, a Masach (screen), and there is nothing but that. This is what the work of all the systems is based on, of all the different mechanisms in still nature, the living cells, in an organism that is a collection of cells, and so on all the way to human society, a collection of egoists. All are governed by the same laws that are elucidated with minute precision.

A Kabbalist who studies the laws of nature actually experiences these states. Thus he goes through what humanity has not gone through yet and can write about it for humanity and teach it. Otherwise, he has no reason to do so.

We begin to study Kabbalah from the level of the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) from where one force descends, the positive force of bestowal, and then thanks to it, a second force is created, the negative force of receiving, the desire. Then we study about the development of these two forces, about the four phases of the direct Light, and about its descent into our world.

By the way, the Torah only describes the world of Atzilut, the world of correction and not what preceded it. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” which means that Bina of the world of Atzilut generates the system of ZON (Zeir Anpin and Malchut). It is the uppermost level in the Torah. In fact in Kabbalah we learn about higher Sefirot.

When we study these laws, we see that they are fulfilled everywhere without exception. Corporeal nature is a result of these laws. It is transparent and we see how it all moves, grows, and develops; we see how these two forces cooperate and generate the still nature, the vegetative, the animate, and the “speaking”; we see what generates every small movement in our world. Therefore there can be no guess work here.

The main thing is that the freewill that humanity in ancient Babylon had still exists today. But it is relative freewill. If you don’t want to use it and to advance along the good and conscious way, it means that more sufferings should be added so you will understand the need to develop in a positive way. Otherwise you may come to a nuclear world war.

After all, no matter what we say, the sufferings have an educational role, although we are in continuous regression. We regressed when we were egoists, but now there is nowhere to return to, so a war will be a most serious addition that will help us understand the way things really are, but it’s very undesirable.
From 1st Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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