Throw All The Power Toward The Main Matter

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first time there was a truly egoistic alienation between people—the desire to separate—was in ancient Babylon. Egoism grew, and this was the reason why people began to distance themselves from others. As they say, they no longer understood each other. It was then that the wisdom of Kabbalah appeared.

It was revealed to one of the priests in ancient Babylon, Abraham, who discovered our dependence on egoism and understood that this egoism started developing on purpose. That was when it abruptly appeared, causing all the nations from ancient Mesopotamia to disperse around the world.

Then the wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed which basically said that people must unite in spite of egoism. This is very difficult and beyond human abilities, but we need to understand that this is the challenge of nature, and we need to act in this way. “If we unite and keep the same unity that we had before the outbreak of egoism,” Abraham preached, “then, all the time, we will rise above egoism. As it grows, we will maintain unity and rise higher.”

So, it is said in the primary sources that in the past all people were like one family. Everyone spoke the same language, everyone understood each other, and everyone was close to each other. They lived a simple life and ate the same food. Even if someone was richer and the other poorer, this was not reflected much in their way of life. Everyone ate dried fish (it was in abundance in Mesopotamia), bread, onions, garlic, and some dairy products. That is all in general. That was all they had, but everyone had it. That is, people had little concern about how to feed themselves. The land was fertile, everything was good, and everyone lived in the same way until the outbreak of egoism.

That is why the wisdom of Kabbalah, revealed by Abraham, is based on the fact that people practically have to live the same way, satisfying their natural needs in the form that the body demands, that is, normally, rationally, and everything else, all the other forces, they should apply to ascend above their egoism.

Abraham spoke about the egoism that began to rise and grow rapidly. It drew someone into business and another one into something else. Everyone wanted to be more than the others, better than others, stronger, more important, and so on. “We must, on the contrary, remain at the same level,” Abraham said, “or, quite possibly, rise, but at the same time in order to improve our life, but equally in order to be a community, as a family.” People in a family care about everyone equally so that everyone has what he needs relative to his requirements, and, for all the rest, forces are to be applied only to rise above egoism. This attitude toward our development is the basis of Kabbalah.

However, the majority did not listen to Abraham and they followed the egoistic path of development with the exception of the group of people that he had gathered. It was ruled by the laws of bestowal. People provided each other with the necessary things, and at the same time, everyone ascended according to his abilities, and all the other forces were invested in being interconnected with others. If people act in this way, then the upper force of nature (we can call it the Creator) begins to be revealed in the relationships between them, and then they sense the next level of existence—not the still, vegetative, and animate nature that we feel today, constantly caring about the well-being of the body, its pleasures, satisfaction, comfort—but the next level.

This level is called the “human” or “Adam,” from the word “similar” (Domeh), similar to the Creator, to the upper force, the force of bestowal and love, which is actually inside nature that manages, drives, and develops it. This is what was discovered then and what was hidden for thousands of years and is beginning to be revealed again today.

The last Kabbalists of our time are Baal HaSulam, Rabash, you and me. Moreover, we are not just revealing it as they did. We are beginning to realize it, and, of course, the realization is carried out not from the level of ancient Babylon where people were like one family on the same level. Then, perhaps everything was simple but obviously further history was to be different.

Humanity needs to develop its egoism and develop it well up to the realization that it really is ruining us. Instead of all the goods that it had promised us, we find ourselves lost, defective, having achieved nothing. We try to live better and in the end spend all those years on this, all those opportunities that we have in this state, in our lives.

So today, we start with a completely different level, an egoistic, complete, final level of the world’s development. Actually, egoism will grow much more, but on the next level, people already will begin to be engaged in unity and proceed to the next stage of development.
From the Talk before the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/12/13

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