Choose Who You Prefer to Be: A Sinner Or A Righteous

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati No. 99, “He Did Not Say Wicked or Righteous”: …if one does not have any desire and craving for spirituality, if he is among people who have a desire for spirituality, if he likes these people, he, too, will take their strength to prevail and their desires and aspirations, although by his own quality, he does not have these desires and cravings and the power to overcome. But according to the grace and the importance he ascribes to these people, he will receive new powers.

This means that we are capable of controlling our lives and advancing to the goal. First of all, one has to clarify if the goal is really worth sacrificing one’s life for. This life will not repeat. It’s impossible to try, then get disappointed in the goal and start living anew. It will not happen.

So, one has to check diligently whether it’s worth spending one’s life for and then join the company of the people who exercise, share, and cherish the same aspirations. It will allow us to obtain this aspiration from them, meaning that we regard our goal as something great and have the energy to attain it.

After choosing the goal, one should select the environment that is able to empower him to attain the goal. After that, one starts working on making his environment pleasant for himself. The more one gets inspired from one’s surrounding (from his friends’ advancement and from the importance of their activities) the more one manages to diminish oneself and become subordinate to one’s friends’ influence, the more one acquires energy and inspiration to attain the goal and will by all means achieve it.

Consequently, after we choose the goal and the corresponding environment, all our subsequent work is only about getting as much impact and stimulus from the environment as possible. Without it, we won’t have any energy; we will be “tossed” up and down. We will waste lots of time by uselessly swinging up and down and being in foggy states. It’s called “not a day, not a night.” Thus, we won’t even notice how our lives will end.

So, the most important thing is to cling to our friends, stick to them, get a “warm spot” next to them and nourish ourselves with the importance of the goal. This is how relationships of a person with the society and one’s duties in regard to others are outlined. It’s necessary to enhance the society not by enlarging it in quantity, but qualitatively. Beyond everything else, we should pretend and demonstrate to our friends how precious our goal is and how important our environment is to us. We should set an example to others of how to diminish ourselves in front of the group and in regard to our goal. Rabash described all of the above conditions as essential laws that should be used to create a group in order to empower each friend with enough energy to attain the goal.

All depends on the “attractiveness” of the group in one’s eyes. This is what one has to work on. That’s why it is written: “It would be better if I was forgotten, but my Torah would be treasured, since Its Light Reforms.” The Light works within the connection among people. So, please leave the Creator alone, since He will reveal Himself as soon as we manage to establish a correct connection among us.

I recommend everybody to talk about this issue in the evening with their families. A short conversation and reading of a small portion is quite enough, but it’s very important for everybody, for women in their circles and for the kids.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/9/13

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