Spain’s Lost Generation? No, A Newfound One!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From ABC News): “Roughly half of all Spaniards between 16 and 24 are jobless, the highest level among the 17 nations that use the euro. It’s a devastating picture of blighted youth that threatens to distort Spain’s social fabric for years to come, dooming dreams, straining family structures and eroding the well-being of a rapidly aging population.

“‘This puts the whole welfare state at risk,’ said Gayle Allard, a labor market specialist at Madrid’s IE Business School. ‘The young people who are coming on the market now are the lost generation. They are losing the advantage of their youth and energy and that does not come back.’

“The staggering jobless figures — 48.6 percent for Spaniards between 16 and 24; 39 percent for those ages 20-29 — hold dire consequences for a country that grew accustomed to prosperity on the back of a property boom that collapsed in 2008.

“The 1.6 million unemployed teens and young adults in the nation of 47 million risk never having a decent start to a career. They probably won’t accumulate assets like their own homes or savings until they are in their 40s. And they then will likely face much higher taxes to maintain Spain’s costly social welfare system.

“What’s more, they’re expected to put off having children or have fewer than their parents, slashing a birth rate that’s already declining just as Spain’s large baby boom generation begins to retire. That means fewer people to absorb the costs of caring for the swelling ranks of pensioners.

“Anger and frustration among young adults have already taken root. Thousands erected protest camps last spring and summer in Madrid and Barcelona in illegal tent cities set up in central plazas.”

My Comment: There is only one solution: to change the attitude towards production, work, and society, that is, towards life in general. It is given to us to live in balance with nature and society, receiving what is necessary, being content with reasonable things that everybody else receives, working as needed for that, and using natural resources to meet these needs. Advertising is banned; everything is cut back to the necessary level, including the production of harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

To begin with, we need to describe the structure of such a society and then create a preliminary plan of the most painless transition to it. And all the freed time (80-90%  of the former work time), all the free time of housewives, the elderly, and children should be dedicated to upbringing, organized in community centers, vacant huge supermarkets and malls, hotels and former dens of vice.

Spain is an example of everyone’s future; moreover, this is only the beginning of, possibly, a bloody future if we do not organize the upbringing of the masses!

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