The Purpose Of Education Is To Find A Calling In Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “We do not allow children at school to be free, happy people. And without this, education is meaningless.

“We still think that the main task of the school is to fill a person with knowledge as much as possible, rather than developing natural abilities. But schools must look at the natural qualities and develop them, and most importantly, teach a person how to study. Today, schools mostly force students to memorize.

“The purpose of education is to help find a vocation, one’s own path in life. Otherwise, instead of developing what a child is interested in and what he needs, he has to learn a lot of useless information by heart, which he may never use. If we do not change schools, we will not be able to build a happy world.”

My Comment: The problem is deeper: It is not about a vocation, about becoming an expert in something, but about understanding the purpose of life, what needs to be achieved as a result—the revelation of the next dimension, the upper world, from which we come and where we go after this life. Strange as it may seem, this is the reality Kabbalah offers us to reveal.

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