Global Crisis Solution: Change Yourself To Fit The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I don’t understand how the future differs from the past, making us unable to control it and find a solution for the crisis and the correct course of development?

Answer: Man has always been going through changes (evolving egoistically), and then, based on these changes and in accordance to them, he was adjusting the environment “to suit” him. But today, he has stopped evolving egoistically; man’s gradual egoistic development has finished. Hence, he will stop reforming the surrounding world.

From this point on, the movement will be “inverted.” At present, nature, the surrounding environment, is changing: It presents itself to us as an integral, global system and forces us to adjust ourselves to it, to become connected with the entire world as its integral part.

In other words, the phase we have entered is not that of the involuntary transformation of human egoism that dictates to man how to reform nature “to suit” him. Rather, it is man who must change to align himself with a new situation in which nature changes “before his eyes.” This reads a change of the paradigm: If previously we didn’t take part in our internal transformations and kept altering the environment to suit our egoism (we made it serve our needs), today it is the surrounding world which is transforming and forcing us to change to fit in.

This movement is inverted: not from man to the surrounding world, but from the surrounding world to man. That is, as it undergoes change, the world, the natural environment, will make everyone and the entire humanity change accordingly.

Humanity will have to reform itself, meaning to correct itself to be in line with nature. This has never occurred before. Man never took nature into consideration but altered it according to: “Our goal to take everything we need from nature,” that is, to make it serve our ego.

And now, humanity will have to change rather than change nature that surrounds him. Thus, man must begin to attain nature, “see” it first, and then think how to be in harmony with it. Nature is, in fact, the Creator. Therefore, we arrive at the necessity to attain the entire nature, meaning the Creator, by reforming ourselves “to match” Him.

This is the point of no return we call “a crisis.”  And we won’t come out of it until we understand what this new paradigm of our existence is all about: not to change the world to suit us, but to change ourselves to fit the world.

Should we continue making attempts to alter nature to serve us, we will place ourselves in opposition to it. In the end, nature will “break us down” by putting us through horrible suffering.

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