Being Afraid To Betray His Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything depends on the creature’s desire. Everything around us remains in an invariable state: We are surrounded by the Light of Infinity, the Creator, nature. It’s not important how we call it; it is the perfect quality of bestowal and absolute love reigning in the world and filling up everything with itself.

However, we will not be able to reveal this upper Light, the Creator and His relationship with us, without possessing the right tools, the right desires, Kelim (vessels). That is why the entire method of the science of Kabbalah consists of how to make yourself worthy of sensing the Creator.

The Creator is always kind and embodies good, bestowal, and love. The greatest pleasure of all is to feel His love toward us. The only problem is that this can only be felt within the desires of bestowal because by coming in touch with the egoistic desires, this perception disappears immediately.

So, it turns out that from my side, the only vessel worthy of revealing the Creator’s relationship with me is the fear that I may not be able to receive His love toward me and answer it correctly. If His relationship toward me is to be revealed—and this is the only pleasure which really exists in nature—then I will have to be ready to receive it in the vessel called “trembling.” I am afraid of using this love for my own pleasure, enjoying it egoistically, and instead, I want to answer Him with the same kind of attitude.

This is called trembling because I must be afraid of the fact that at any given moment, my relationship may be ruined. It may be turned around, and instead of thinking of Him, I could begin to think of myself.

However, my ability to always remain as loving toward Him as He reveals Himself to me depends on His influence upon me, meaning that my feeling this fear or not depends on the Creator. I ask Him to give this to me; this fear is my main concern. As soon as I achieve the right fear in the right form and am strong enough, I will immediately begin to feel His relationship toward me.

It is as if I keep increasing the voltage on a lamp until it finally lights up! From that moment on, we can see it shine. In the same way, we are located in an ocean of love and bestowal coming from the side of the Creator, and the instant that the condition inside of me called “fear” is implemented at the right level, I will begin to reveal the Creator’s love inside of my trembling.

Both of the following conditions depend entirely on Him:

  1. The creation of the vessel that ensures this fear in me. Otherwise, I cannot be sure of myself. In this sense, I am completely dependent on His help called the Light that Reforms;
  2. The fulfillment, the revelation of His love toward me, in such a way that I accept it when it is revealed and relate to it correctly. I don’t want this love to spoil my response to Him so that I would suddenly fall into egoism.

It turns out that in building the vessel (desire), in its fulfillment, and the result of its fulfillment, I absolutely depend on the Creator. In order to reach adhesion with Him, I need the fear from which my spiritual vessel is built, reception of the Light, and the results of this reception.

If I concern myself with implementing these conditions in the right form relevant to my level, I will reach adhesion as a result. I will create the spiritual vessel and receive fulfillment into it. This is how we reach the goal: adhesion with the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/6/2011, Shamati #38

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