Humanity’s Global Problems

Opinion: (M. Delyagin, Director of Research, Institute of Globalization Studies (IPROG), The world financial crisis is merely an external manifestation of humanity’s integral transformation toward a radically new structure of human society.

Information processing technologies gave rise to a small group of managing elite. Consequently, 70% of the population are unneeded and have to be utilized either physically or socially. Global communication has created the most profitable business: shaping public opinion. This qualitatively changes the character of human development: While previously, over the entire course of human history, humanity grew by reforming the natural environment, today it is beginning to feel the necessity to change itself in order to survive.

Therefore, all previously developed sciences existing up to this day not only will be unable to assist us in our subsequent evolvement, but rather will hamper it, as pertains to the whole humanity. In fact, today it isn’t the world that needs to be changed but man himself, which signifies dismissal of science and technical revolution.

Simplified communications erode the system of government. The world’s civil society is called to constrain the world’s government. Global advertisement has imposed on humankind the desire to strive for high-grade consumption, which resulted in tension, terror, and migration.

The depth of the world financial crisis is underestimated due to the lack of understanding that the old paradigm of global evolution has run its course. A qualitatively new world financial system is due. Humanity’s integration has surpassed the capacity for controlling it and it demands to be stepped back and restored to manageability by simplifying the process of its development.

We are called to intellectual revolution, to form a new type of consciousness, which will bring humanity out of stalemate not by extinguishing its part, but rather by facilitating collective progress.

In the new era of human development it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Comprehend the essence of the new stage of humanity’s evolution;
  2. Define the model of the forth-coming human development;
  3. Identify major issues (challenges) requiring a solution, which will shape the progress of human society within the parameters of this model;
  4. Work out specific guidelines and rules for international organizations, governments, and businesses;
  5. Form and aim public opinion and that of the elite toward harmonizing human development in the new evolutionary setting.


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