Is It The Economy Or Something More?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat economists, politicians, sociologists, and political scientists call today a “crisis,” actually is not. The real crisis arrives when a person must find an answer or he will die. Kabbalists wrote that this condition will transpire, and then we will have to reveal the method of unity and mutual guarantee and carry it to the world. This is the destiny of the people of Israel.

That is why the whole world blames the Jews for their problems. We will need to explain first of all to the Jewish people that we have to achieve mutual guarantee, that without this we will not solve a single problem. We cannot exist in any rational form; this is possible only above nature, in mutual guarantee. This is what the current situation pushes us towards, and people are beginning to sense this.

The wave of protests, which is not over yet, are people’s inner reaction to the necessity to do something with themselves. People demand social justice, housing, higher wages, all kinds of benefits, but in reality, it is not so. It is no coincidence that the head of the commission of social change writes that these demands contain the desire of internal compensation, but not money. A person lacks something inside, and he doesn’t usually complain about material problems. At the end, as the commission head concluded, people lack love and unity.

And this is true. Observing the laws of nature, we will see that this is what is required of us. The current crisis is global and integral. In other words, we discover that we are connected with each other, depend on each other, and are linked by countless technological, virtual, trade, and other ties, so strongly that it is impossible to break them. Our interdependence has become truly total.

We are fused with each other, hate each other, feel insecure and helpless in the seven-billion-people mass, who demand from each other, lay claims, and show cruelty. There is no end to it. Every moment, Nature “compresses” us more and more, and we do not know where to escape from this, like a married couple who started to hate each other, but meanwhile cannot get a divorce and argue within four walls.

This is how we feel the reality today. Kabbalists wrote that this is a wonderful state, that the need to find some solution to the problem will manifest itself finally in the nation and in the world. First of all, it will be the economic solution, on which our material life depends. Nature starts with the basics and pushes us towards unity. As a result, we will have to unite just to save ourselves, as in ancient times the sons of Israel had to flee from famine to Egypt. Literally, the same process takes place in our times.
From Lesson 1, the Achziv Convention 9/1/2011

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