Knowledge, Not Orders

Dr. Michael LaitmanLeading the spiritual process, we neither “impose arrangements” on the masses nor give out orders to anyone. We only pass knowledge on to people.

For a few hours a day I study reports and analytical articles on the events transpiring in the world today. I don’t take everything for granted, but perform my own analysis, forming my own view on the affairs, which form the basis upon which I act.

In exactly the same manner we leave people the freedom of opinion. We merely pass the method to them, which Nature itself “imposes” upon us. This method is based on scientific research.

For instance, many of the things I read now are familiar to me from my studies of systems laws and cybernetics. Cybernetics is a science about systems and their regulation in different diapasons: biological, mechanical, natural, ecological, and so on. Numerous formulas describe certain levels of regulation: input, output, and sought-for state. It relates to rocket launch, movement under certain conditions, and so on.…

Suppose a train has to reach point B from point A using the least amount of fuel, with minimal wear and tear on mechanisms, going at a minimum and maximum speed at rail junctions, without sudden braking or acceleration. Optimal fulfillment of, say, twenty similar conditions is one of the problems of the correct regulation. In our organism, thousands of parameters balance each other and come down to a unified formula called “life” according to the same principle.

So, today we have to explain to all people what will happen if we do not fulfill the formula of mutual guarantee—to the extent that it is becoming revealed to us today. In reality, we are talking about the corrected and balanced Malchut of the world of Infinity, but we are guided by the current moment. By ignoring the formula of mutual guarantee, we will suffer a loss; we simply must learn to comply to its parameters.

Therefore, our approach is informative. This is how students are taught in a university as well so that later they could apply the received knowledge in life. A person needs to learn reciprocity in his interrelationships with others, and he has to learn it himself without receiving leaflets from us.

Today there are virtually no professions that require no intelligence from a person. After all, he is not an animal. Let him dig a hole, but even here besides physical strength, he needs the head.

Hence, by training people to interact correctly, we present them a field of action for the mind and feelings. We do not leave them at the animate level since mutual guarantee relates to the human degree: Namely the human within me ponders how to co-exist with others. We are talking about an inner, sensual development.

It is not accidental that today people are looking for interconnection, go to demonstrations, and demand social justice and universal unification. This is what they lack, and we explain that this is the dictate of Nature, and according to it, we ourselves have to establish a connection between us. Mutual communication, mutual guarantee, is the law of an integral system we represent.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2011, “The Nation”

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