There Are No Breaks In Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen a person attains his first contact with the Creator on some level, meaning the revelation of two opposites together, he immediately needs help from the upper one. The “covenant of circumcision” is merely the first action of the upper one over the lower one.

This is the Light that reveals the upper force as the bestowing and loving one, which stands opposite to the creature’s egoistic desire that wants to use it. But at the same time we now need to reveal a new level of connection between us, attained through the screen and the Reflected Light.

There is still a great deal of work ahead of us, before we attain adhesion. And all this is the work of the creature that evokes the force of the Light to work over it, creating a multitude of step by step corrections of various qualities. We need to understand deeply and thoroughly what we demand that the upper force does with us. After all, the entire meaning of our work is to reveal through it the plan of creation. The process we experience helps us become acquainted with the actual upper force, as it is written: “We will know You by Your actions.”

When we go through all the actions He has prepared for us, we reveal His thought, intention, and the plan of creation through it. This is why every action is followed by another, a more complicated one. There are no actions in the spiritual world that allow you to sit, rest, and enjoy the fruits of completed work, such as the way we allow our egoistic desire to rest a little after the attained pleasure in our world. There is no such thing as breaks in the spiritual world.

There is no notion of time there because we are continually under the pressure of the constantly increasing force of bestowal. There can be periods of weakness and confusion, but it’s impossible to fall from this path and stop doing what’s required.

This is why there is no time. Time is made by alternating swings back and forth, like a clock pendulum that counts interruptions: It stops and hovers in order to swing back. Such breaks do not exist in the spiritual world. The entire spiritual process consists of us connecting Light and darkness together. There are no descents as all the “descents” only happen in order to ascend!

And even when we feel weakness, it is not our fault, but a mandatory condition to reveal a deeper desire. Look how much feeling, weeping, fear, and pleading there is in King David’s Book of Psalms, all this together with the revelation of a new desire that he perceives with joy. Otherwise, it would not have been spiritual.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/31/2011, Shamati #95

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