The Golden Key To The Solution Of Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are there any indicators or evaluations for determining whether there is a healthy situation at the level of the family, for instance?

Answer: I think that we are not taught properly about the behavior in a family. We study in the group that spiritual attainment requires us to move forward. It’s based on the fact that the ego is constantly growing and unity is constantly growing above it. That is, if we feel 20 kilograms of mutual egoistic repulsion between us, then we have to rise above this. This means that the uniting force needs to be at least one gram more than repulsion.

Is it not as it should be? We are brought up incorrectly. We, egoists, are constantly growing and changing. Each spouse is in his internal egoistic states: by strength, character, etc. I want romance and she wants cosmetics. I want to go fishing and she wants to dream.

We are not taught what we should constantly work on. As a result, family life is destroyed. Why do families break up? As soon as egoism starts growing and switches from the animal level to the next human degree, we no longer understand how to cope with it.

It becomes integral and people do not know at all how to work with it, “It’s easier to get a divorce!” It becomes a normal phenomenon and we do not criticize it. And it’s really true because we fundamentally do not understand how we can work with our nature. All of this is manifested in this way.

So, when we go out to the general public with a lecture or dissemination, then everything that we studied in Kabbalah earlier becomes the magical golden key to solving any problem in integral education. Just as we are trying to unite in the group, we can unite in family by exactly the same system. Otherwise, the family will cease to exist!

Even in those modern civilizations where the family still maintains the historical foundation and way of life, nothing will be left there either if we do not introduce integral education. And it’s entirely based on Kabbalah. What you do in the group, do at home and at work.

Today, we bring our methodology to various businesses and managers who also complain that people lose motivation; a person cannot force himself to work. He needs money, he needs to live, but he cannot force himself.

The world will suffer until it becomes convinced that we cannot manage without the system, which you derive only from the knowledge of the spiritual structure; you need to implement it because the world is entering it yet doesn’t know how to act within it. It turns out that it adjusts itself according to the new spiritual structures, but everyone still tries to live in it by the egoistic principles.

That is why the family crisis can be solved easily. Show examples of workshops and all kinds of integral interactions through the same television series. Start teaching people the method of bringing them together and you will see how it will begin to work. People will not know from where they get the desire for unity; they will not have a clue that they learn this from the heroes of television shows.

The dissemination of the method of integral education is not just going somewhere and telling something to someone. It should be our main weapon. In this case, we calm the world down. Moreover, this spreads as fast as anything else.
From the 1st Preparation to the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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