Unemployed Young People Push Europe To Revolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Wolfgang Schäuble, German finance minister):‘We must win this battle against youth unemployment,’ Mr. Schäuble warned, ‘or we will lose the battle to hold Europe together.

“From the suburbs of Stockholm to the streets of Athens, ‘however, the battle is being lost one riot at a time. The unrest that recently rocked Sweden reflects a youth unemployment rate of almost 25 per cent, with young immigrants hit hardest. The jobless rate among those under 25 stands at 60 per cent in Greece. It’s 56 per cent in Spain and above 40 per cent in Portugal and Italy.

“And that’s only half the story, since unemployment rates take into account only those young people who are seeking work. Millions more have simply stopped looking, while two-thirds of those with jobs have been reduced to part-time work or temporary contracts.”

My Comment: A whole generation is not working and does not want to. We are faced with terror up to the point of capturing power. Treatment by any means will not help; distributing drugs is also a temporary measure. In any case, only a change of consciousness and as a consequence, the attitude to oneself, society, and the world will let us continue our civilization. It is time to change the human being …

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