The Universal Key To Success In Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn today’s world, we reveal that nature compels us to connect with each other. It is possible to run away from each other in family responsibilities, but we can’t hide from public life of all of humanity. We all depend on each other. Once people were isolated and didn’t know what happened on other continents and in other cultures. Today, everything has become unified: culture and lifestyle.

Environmental laws, the laws of human society and of nature in general are revealed to us as global and integral, embracing us and binding everyone in a single system. It doesn’t depend on our desire; it is a requirement of evolution.

We have found ourselves in a round world and the problem is that due to their egoistic nature, people are not ready for this. How can we help people establish more friendly relations with this new world understand it, use it correctly, and be successful?

We see that we are becoming less successful, and instead of improving our lives, we are entering a global crisis that threatens to never end. A huge, strong and developed humanity seems like a small, frightened child who is lost and doesn’t know where to go. And all this is due to the lack of correct communication between human beings and the environment, our lack of understanding about nature. This is due to our insensitivity because we don’t even try to understand it.

Nature is all the laws within which we exist: climate change, weather, and human society. In a world of plenty, there are hungry children, and all because of the lack of connection between us. We are not even able to distribute surplus food that goes wasted.

Where can a person learn how to build a proper connection in order to establish a relationship between us before it comes to a big fight? How can we find the right balance in human society and the balance with nature that we must achieve if we want to survive?

All this can be learned from family life. If a person is able to develop his sensitivity, understanding, and correct attitude to his partner in the family, he will thereby acquire new sensations, determination, and approach to the understanding of society and all of nature. He will be able to combine all this together and to exist in harmony with everyone.

That is why we have to go through the process of building our attitude toward the family, then to a wider society, then to all of humanity and the whole of nature. It’s impossible to choose here: to live with a family or not, with one partner or the other, with or without children. This is the problem of humankind. All the studies show that the relationship between us is the main problem that needs to be resolved.

If I learn to properly relate to my wife, in this system closest to me, I will ensure the correct approach to all of life, to the entire world. That is, the relationship within the family teaches me how to achieve success in all areas and is the key to any success.

Moreover, nature is built in such a way that I can’t achieve the same result by building relationships with my fishing or drinking buddies; it needs to be the relationship with a spouse. Only in the family can I clarify all the sharp corners and subtle nuances of the pleasant and unpleasant traits of my character and perception. That is why a spouse is called a “help against me,” meaning that if I don’t see her in front of me, I can’t use her help in the building of self.

If you want to form yourself correctly in order to be able to understand the world and succeed on a grand scale, you have to create the tools for doing so in family life. That’s why a single person is not suitable for management positions; he’s not able to properly connect with the world. For this reason, often there is a requirement for one to be married in positions of higher responsibility.
From a “Talk About a New Life” 7/25/12

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  1. Thank you. So very true. I enjoy reading these posts.

    “Only in the family can I clarify all the sharp corners and subtle nuances of the pleasant and unpleasant traits of my character and perception”

    This is exactly correct. It is where we feel safe, and immune to criticism that we cannot control, that our true character and the “work” reveal themselves. It is enough that we recognize this, think about it, and attempt, at least, to work with it honestly.

    Thank you again.

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