At Full Speed Into A New Civilization

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday humanity finds itself in a new completely unknown system. In order to understand it better, we will give an example of how half a century ago, a person who was accustomed to certain familial, societal, and economic relations suddenly arrived in a foreign country, let’s say from America to Russia, somewhere where everything was different and he simply did not understand why everything is arranged and structured in such a way.

Americans wonder why in Russia it is so difficult to implement a certain project. Since with them there would immediately appear some entrepreneur who would take the new idea, execute it, and profit from it. And in Russia, it was impossible, and therefore all remained in a very poor condition.

Conversely, when you a Russian comes to America, he sees huge individualism, competitiveness, and all in all no one caring about each other, each one is a narrow individualist who is only interested in his “I.” And this is the social norm.

Thus, this misunderstanding of each other amazed people, who found themselves in a different system.

And now, all of humanity is “entering” a new system, as if they are riding a train that rolls on and suddenly enters a huge unfamiliar park, a completely new civilization based only on mutual understanding and mutual cooperation. Together with this, the nature we were born with its movements and yearnings is not taken into account, only this reality that was prepared for us. But we don’t immediately find ourselves in this rigid system that is completely, mutually connected where we can only succeed by grasping the integral perception; nature gradually brings us to this in that it presses on us along the way of evolution.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/5/13

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