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One Big Plus Above Small Individual Minuses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I check if my work is real?

Answer: Real work is when I use the environment, the group, as much as I can, wanting to discover our strong mutual connection. I have to discover a good honest attitude on the part of the group towards me and to accept it as the Creator’s attitude towards me, who dressed in the group. On my part, I have to express the same attitude towards the group: honest, warm, and good in perfect connection according to my level.

There is no other place we can meet and fulfill the relations among us except for the group. A group does not mean establishing personal connections with everyone, but treating everyone equally, by wanting to discover the Creator in the connection among us.

One Big Plus Above Small Individual Minuses
We are all different and each one brings along his uniqueness and his differences, all his complaints and his problems, and all the negative states he goes through. We come to the group with all these differences, with our minuses (-), but we work in the opposite manner so that everyone will turn it into a plus (+). All our pluses connect into one big “plus,” and thus we build the Creator since this plus was created above all our minuses.

In the minus I achieve my independence and remain my own self, the “self” is not erased. In our plus we reach a “void” since it is there that a person wants to dissolve and disappear in the group. Thus we go through a complete change: from one end to another and include the two forces within us. What we have is called “reason,” but above that there is “faith,” which is “above reason.” This means that we constantly prefer bestowal by placing it above receiving.

This is all of our work that can only be fulfilled in the group. The gap (∆) between the “self” and the “void” always determines the height of my level in which I feel my Light of NRNHY.
From the 1st Part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/17/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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High Voltage Zone In The Center Of The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can find the Creator only in the vessel that we stabilize by ourselves. Therefore it says that the created being forms the Creator. What does that mean, because it sounds like heresy? But the fact that we build the vessel in which we want to discover the attribute of bestowal by ourselves means that we are forming the Creator.

High Voltage Zone In The Center Of The Group

We feel it only in the form that is dressed in matter, called Bo-reh (come and see), that is the Creator (Bore) and not in what is external to it. This dressing exists in a earlier root, of course, which we don’t speak about and don’t attain; our attainment is only possible up to the border called Bo-reh.

So in the workshop we had last night on the theme, “There is none else besides Him,” I tried to explain that this concept is attained only in the center of the group. There is no other place it can be attained, and we cannot prove this to ourselves in any other way. Only if we all, with our negative ego, yearn for the revelation of the positive connection among us, can we create such high tension between the two opposite forces that are in each of us: a “minus” and a “plus,” which can be attained only in the group. Then it becomes compatible to the height of the spiritual level, and we can rise to it.

The Creator had no other option but to first shatter the vessel, and enable it to develop the sensitivity to the attribute of bestowal. It is impossible to do that without feeling that and the desire to receive inside the vessel.

The Creator is only the force of bestowal. The created being is initially only a force of receiving. So in order to resemble the Creator, he has to include these two forces in him: the force of bestowal and the force of receiving, one on top of the other. We can establish this state only in the group. This is what I wanted you to feel in the workshop so that you will understand that it is impossible to fulfill this without a group.

In the meantime the balance of power is such that we are left with a big minus, we haven’t entered the borders of the group yet. Each one is somewhere on his way towards it, guarding himself and not wanting to enter it.

We have to guard our minuses, and they have to be big. They will keep on growing since the minus is created by the Reshimot (spiritual genes). The moment you manage to connect somehow, new Reshimot will immediately appear. But as long as you don’t spur yourself to work and don’t fulfill the previous Reshimo, the new Reshimo will not appear.

The Reshimot are revealed in a chain, one after the other, according to the plan. But the problem is that we don’t develop our “pluses,” and so in the meantime we remain on the level of potential knowledge but not its actual fulfillment. In order for that to be felt as part of our reality, we have to create a group, a shared space among us, in which we can form the Creator (“come and see”).

The Creator is formed in us when the desire to receive is left inside, and on the outside it takes on the form if bestowal, meaning “to receive in order to bestow.” Reception below and bestowal above, and together they are called the Creator.

In order to do that, we have to bend our head and annul our pride; we will have to crawl to the group “on all fours” as we acknowledge the fact that we are an “animal” whose head is even less valued than its body since it constantly worries only about how to serve the body. When you bend your head below the body, it will mean that you have reached the understanding that it is worthless and then you will be able to be Adam, a human being.
From the 1st Part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/17/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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On Whom Does Success Depend?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In terms of business, does everything depend on the leaders or is it initially predetermined?

Answer: We have to approach this realistically. I have to act according to the notion that everything depends on me. If I imagine our next state correctly, then I will have an opportunity to connect all this with the general development of nature, and then I will benefit from it.

If we are heading toward the situation whereby a person is increasingly motivated by virtual/emotional fulfillment and loses the taste for material excess, then in addition to a financial reward, we can create appropriate emotional, virtual, spiritual fulfillment and balance one with the other.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/6/13

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A New Relationship Will Break The Ties Of Politicians And Tycoons

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dani Rodrik, Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government): “There was a time when we economists steered clear of politics. We viewed our job as describing how market economies work, when they fail, and how well-designed policies can enhance efficiency. We analyzed trade-offs between competing objectives (say, equity versus efficiency), and prescribed policies to meet desired economic outcomes, including redistribution. …

“Frustrated by the reality that much of our advice went unheeded (so many free-market solutions still waiting to be taken up!), we turned our analytical toolkit on the behavior of politicians and bureaucrats themselves. We began to examine political behavior using the same conceptual framework that we use for consumer and producer decisions in a market economy. Politicians became income-maximizing suppliers of policy favors; citizens became rent-seeking lobbies and special interests; and political systems became marketplaces in which votes and political influence are traded for economic benefits. …

“Why are so many industries closed off to real competition? Because politicians are in the pockets of the incumbents who reap the rents. Why do governments erect barriers to international trade? Because the beneficiaries of trade protection are concentrated and politically influential, while consumers are diffuse and disorganized. Why do political elites block reforms that would spur economic growth and development? Because growth and development would undermine their hold on political power. Why are there financial crises? Because banks capture the policymaking process so that they can take excessive risks at the expense of the general public. …

“If politicians’ behavior is determined by the vested interests to which they are beholden, economists’ advocacy of policy reforms is bound to fall on deaf ears.”

My Comment: Fortunately, nothing will be left of the past egoistic economy in the age of its collapse; so, there is no point in trying to identify all the secrets of clans of the elite and how to work with them. The crisis will clean everything! What will be left of people and the world will take a new form: the necessary fulfillment of the material things and infinite fulfillment in the revelation of the meaning of life. This state can be reached through education, that is, changing a person. In an effort to soften the landing of the world to the new conditions, we have to consider integral education, proposed by Kabbalah.

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The Financial Crisis In Arms Sales

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from SIPRI): “Sales of arms and military services by the largest arms-producing companies—the SIPRI Top 100—totalled $410 billion in 2011 according to new data on international arms production released today by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

“Compared to the companies in the Top 100 for 2010, this result represents a 5 per cent decrease in constant dollar terms. Over the period since 2002, arms sales by the Top 100 have nevertheless increased by 51 per cent in real terms.

“Several factors contributed to the decrease in arms sales in 2011. Austerity policies and proposed and actual decreases in military expenditure as well as postponements in weapons programme procurement affected overall arms sales in North America and Western Europe.

“Conflict—in particular the drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan and the sanctions on arms transfers to Libya—also played a role in the fall in arms sales. …

“A number of companies have also established foreign subsidiaries in order to access new revenue streams in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.  …

“The expansion of arms producing companies into the cybersecurity market—a clear trend in the first tier of the SIPRI Top 100—is due the growing political and budgetary importance of cybersecurity as a national security issue. …

“These companies’ cybersecurity activities are focused on data and network protection software and services; testing and simulation services; training and consulting services; and operational support.”

My Comment: The era of transition to cyberspace has begun; wars are played out by drones and computers. And ahead is the war between good and evil thoughts.

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The Integral Approach Doesn’t Remove Responsibility

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does a person in an integral society take responsibility for any offenses?

Answer: Of course, because this society is not completely corrected yet, there are egoists in it, not angels.

A person is judged by his actions and if the deeds are bad, then one must activate a new system in order to correct him.

By recognizing the integral approach, there is an even greater responsibility towards others, and through implementation and observation, one feels that he gains morally and maybe even materially. But it is a duty!

I would like to say only one thing: One must constantly find the correct combination between the introduction of new laws and education, raising awareness. We constantly need to examine to what extent people become more conscious of their mutual dependence, the mutual connection to completeness, and how to use the systems effectively so that they will give more seriousness to this. One needs to use more serious educational systems but without pressure.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/7/13  

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A Strong Connection On The Basis Of A Double Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does a couple feel when they are in the “shared space,” when your partner understands and feels you?

Answer: A “shared space” refers to complete mutual understanding within its limits. This area is usually created in the attitude towards children. The mutual concern for them and the importance the couple attributes to them connects the couple. These are seemingly external factors, not ours, but they belong to us. If you don’t have children, it is more difficult to find common connecting points.

We have to look for things we agree on, understanding, something we have in common; where we agree, we understand each other and connect, although in the beginning we had different opinions. But we grow so accustomed to these concessions that we cannot manage without them. Even if we could correct the difference between us, we wouldn’t want to. We feel that all these contrasts are an opportunity for a special union. We already understand that without them there would be no union.

All these “rough spots” help us connect. It is thanks to the fact that I concede and my partner concedes that we feel the connection between us. Without our mutual concessions there will be no connection. If we agreed from the start on everything, we wouldn’t feel the contact. It would be as if we are the same thing. When we concede, we don’t annul our ego, but rather build a connection above it, as it says, “Love will cover all the sins.” Therefore, this strong connection, the inner contrast between us, is kept, but above it, love grows increasingly higher.

The “shared space” is our double common ego, but because of this, it connects us more strongly and allows us to feel the connection between us. We have to constantly take care of this “shared space,” to evoke it and try to expand it with regard to different types of connections from the corporeal to the spiritual.
From a “Talk About a New Life” 7/25/12

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A High Responsibility And Pride For Our Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanShamati #69, “First Will Be the Correction of the World”: Hence, when individuals in the whole of Israel are corrected, the whole world will naturally be corrected. It follows that the nations of the world will be corrected to the extent that we correct ourselves. This is the meaning of what our sages said, “Rewarded—sentences himself and the whole world to a scale of merit.” And they did not say, “sentences the whole of Israel,” but “the entire world to a scale of merit.” In other words, the internal will correct the external.

Therefore we need to be more concerned and more worried that our acts will not remain just as private acts that belong to the person that does them towards the friends, the group, and even the whole nation of Israel, but rather it would be directed toward the whole world.

Each one that has the possibility to correct himself is called “Israel” “Yashar-Kel – straight to the Creator” and he must know that he received this ability to cause the correction of the whole world.

According to this goal, he is being given from Above, and according to this goal, it is also demanded from him. This is his fate and there is no free choice. The choice is only in how the man will realize this mission that was given to him. Therefore, we need to create such an atmosphere that will help each one of us realize his destiny 100%, to execute what the Creator demands from him and put on him by choosing him to be the correcting part of the world and not the part that is corrected.

This is a very big responsibility. Each one needs to see himself in a role and not just doing what comes up in his mind and refusing to receive the work that he doesn’t like. This is work that doesn’t stop even for a moment, every day. And in this work we will stumble upon disturbances that will throw us into a private egoistic approach. Therefore it must be a general opinion of the society that will hold the man so he will see all his life and all the hours as in executing an important mission, as the mother that is responsible for her babies and all the time must think about them.

And with such a big responsibility must also be the importance of the goal and a pride towards the task that obliges us to realize it and to serve the whole world. We received this mission and we must realize it.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/11/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.22.13

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