One Big Plus Above Small Individual Minuses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I check if my work is real?

Answer: Real work is when I use the environment, the group, as much as I can, wanting to discover our strong mutual connection. I have to discover a good honest attitude on the part of the group towards me and to accept it as the Creator’s attitude towards me, who dressed in the group. On my part, I have to express the same attitude towards the group: honest, warm, and good in perfect connection according to my level.

There is no other place we can meet and fulfill the relations among us except for the group. A group does not mean establishing personal connections with everyone, but treating everyone equally, by wanting to discover the Creator in the connection among us.

One Big Plus Above Small Individual Minuses
We are all different and each one brings along his uniqueness and his differences, all his complaints and his problems, and all the negative states he goes through. We come to the group with all these differences, with our minuses (-), but we work in the opposite manner so that everyone will turn it into a plus (+). All our pluses connect into one big “plus,” and thus we build the Creator since this plus was created above all our minuses.

In the minus I achieve my independence and remain my own self, the “self” is not erased. In our plus we reach a “void” since it is there that a person wants to dissolve and disappear in the group. Thus we go through a complete change: from one end to another and include the two forces within us. What we have is called “reason,” but above that there is “faith,” which is “above reason.” This means that we constantly prefer bestowal by placing it above receiving.

This is all of our work that can only be fulfilled in the group. The gap (∆) between the “self” and the “void” always determines the height of my level in which I feel my Light of NRNHY.
From the 1st Part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/17/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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