High Voltage Zone In The Center Of The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can find the Creator only in the vessel that we stabilize by ourselves. Therefore it says that the created being forms the Creator. What does that mean, because it sounds like heresy? But the fact that we build the vessel in which we want to discover the attribute of bestowal by ourselves means that we are forming the Creator.

High Voltage Zone In The Center Of The Group

We feel it only in the form that is dressed in matter, called Bo-reh (come and see), that is the Creator (Bore) and not in what is external to it. This dressing exists in a earlier root, of course, which we don’t speak about and don’t attain; our attainment is only possible up to the border called Bo-reh.

So in the workshop we had last night on the theme, “There is none else besides Him,” I tried to explain that this concept is attained only in the center of the group. There is no other place it can be attained, and we cannot prove this to ourselves in any other way. Only if we all, with our negative ego, yearn for the revelation of the positive connection among us, can we create such high tension between the two opposite forces that are in each of us: a “minus” and a “plus,” which can be attained only in the group. Then it becomes compatible to the height of the spiritual level, and we can rise to it.

The Creator had no other option but to first shatter the vessel, and enable it to develop the sensitivity to the attribute of bestowal. It is impossible to do that without feeling that and the desire to receive inside the vessel.

The Creator is only the force of bestowal. The created being is initially only a force of receiving. So in order to resemble the Creator, he has to include these two forces in him: the force of bestowal and the force of receiving, one on top of the other. We can establish this state only in the group. This is what I wanted you to feel in the workshop so that you will understand that it is impossible to fulfill this without a group.

In the meantime the balance of power is such that we are left with a big minus, we haven’t entered the borders of the group yet. Each one is somewhere on his way towards it, guarding himself and not wanting to enter it.

We have to guard our minuses, and they have to be big. They will keep on growing since the minus is created by the Reshimot (spiritual genes). The moment you manage to connect somehow, new Reshimot will immediately appear. But as long as you don’t spur yourself to work and don’t fulfill the previous Reshimo, the new Reshimo will not appear.

The Reshimot are revealed in a chain, one after the other, according to the plan. But the problem is that we don’t develop our “pluses,” and so in the meantime we remain on the level of potential knowledge but not its actual fulfillment. In order for that to be felt as part of our reality, we have to create a group, a shared space among us, in which we can form the Creator (“come and see”).

The Creator is formed in us when the desire to receive is left inside, and on the outside it takes on the form if bestowal, meaning “to receive in order to bestow.” Reception below and bestowal above, and together they are called the Creator.

In order to do that, we have to bend our head and annul our pride; we will have to crawl to the group “on all fours” as we acknowledge the fact that we are an “animal” whose head is even less valued than its body since it constantly worries only about how to serve the body. When you bend your head below the body, it will mean that you have reached the understanding that it is worthless and then you will be able to be Adam, a human being.
From the 1st Part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/17/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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