A High Responsibility And Pride For Our Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanShamati #69, “First Will Be the Correction of the World”: Hence, when individuals in the whole of Israel are corrected, the whole world will naturally be corrected. It follows that the nations of the world will be corrected to the extent that we correct ourselves. This is the meaning of what our sages said, “Rewarded—sentences himself and the whole world to a scale of merit.” And they did not say, “sentences the whole of Israel,” but “the entire world to a scale of merit.” In other words, the internal will correct the external.

Therefore we need to be more concerned and more worried that our acts will not remain just as private acts that belong to the person that does them towards the friends, the group, and even the whole nation of Israel, but rather it would be directed toward the whole world.

Each one that has the possibility to correct himself is called “Israel” “Yashar-Kel – straight to the Creator” and he must know that he received this ability to cause the correction of the whole world.

According to this goal, he is being given from Above, and according to this goal, it is also demanded from him. This is his fate and there is no free choice. The choice is only in how the man will realize this mission that was given to him. Therefore, we need to create such an atmosphere that will help each one of us realize his destiny 100%, to execute what the Creator demands from him and put on him by choosing him to be the correcting part of the world and not the part that is corrected.

This is a very big responsibility. Each one needs to see himself in a role and not just doing what comes up in his mind and refusing to receive the work that he doesn’t like. This is work that doesn’t stop even for a moment, every day. And in this work we will stumble upon disturbances that will throw us into a private egoistic approach. Therefore it must be a general opinion of the society that will hold the man so he will see all his life and all the hours as in executing an important mission, as the mother that is responsible for her babies and all the time must think about them.

And with such a big responsibility must also be the importance of the goal and a pride towards the task that obliges us to realize it and to serve the whole world. We received this mission and we must realize it.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/11/13

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