The Creator Grants A Loan Only To Someone Who Has Guarantors

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Peace”: He believes that this world is not like an open store without an owner, but that there is an owner present, a shopkeeper, who stands in his store and demands of each customer the right price for the merchandise he is taking from the store…

Such a person is regarded as one who wishes to borrow. Thus, even before he stretches his hand to take from this world, which is the store, he takes it as a loan, to pay its price. 

Question: What is this loan?

Answer: The loan is a collection of forces, thoughts, and actions, correctly arranged in order to bestow. This “individual order” is exactly what you have to do in your state. You are given all that is required, a complete package deal.

However, the trouble is that you already have left this state. You already want to “debit,” to steal part of this loan. Well, this happens in general. Some organization demands a budget for lofty purposes, and afterward they do business “on the side” instead.

I don’t accuse anyone; we only have to draw a conclusion from this. This is how a person is built. This is our nature, and this happens everywhere in the world, in every nation. It happens even when someone speaks enthusiastically, he’s sure that he is truly and simply handling the means at his disposal. However, a different desire comes along with a different usage. It is natural that when a person receives millions, his desires heat up.

Generally, theft and corruption are natural things; they always have existed. In the past, leaders didn’t need to take anyone into account and did what they wanted, but today some things emerge on the surface. This is even though we still don’t understand where to find the correction.

The problem is only a lack of an environment that will support and hold you in the right state. If the environment were strong enough, you would correctly use a loan, which comes in response to a request that has been approved. You are not guilty; you simply are not connected to the right environment, which would be the one thing that would maintain the right approach for you.

Therefore, it is first necessary to build the right environment. Without this, there is no chance. This is so even if a person submits a truly justified request and receives the means correctly. A number of years go by, and they discover that he has accounts abroad or secret real estate investments or something else. And we ourselves are to blame. We didn’t investigate all the conditions, not at the time the loan was approved, but at the time it was received.

On the other hand, in spirituality, there are no mistakes like these. If you don’t prepare the environment, then your request simply is not accepted. You can knock on the door all you want, but no one will open it for you.

Question: Which is to say, without friends who are guarantors for me, I cannot receive any loan?

Answer: Right, this is because you intend to realize it from the start with unsuitable conditions.

Question: Which is to say, my request for receiving a loan needs to pass through the group?

Answer: Yes. I want to help the friends so much, to unite them, to see them as one body that I must do something, and then, with this, I raise pain through the group. This is not talking merely about a “transition,” rather it is about absolute despair that rips me apart. I am like a mother who suffers because she cannot feed her children. I turn for help with this and then receive the loan.

However, this is not a loan on our terms. The Creator wants to help the friends himself. Therefore, this is speaking here about the Torah. I receive the Light that Reforms and the Light that fills the Kelim. I receive this on condition that I truly have a desire, an urge to bestow. I’m boiling up, but I don’t know what to do. And then everything will be arranged for me: I will be given the understanding, the Kelim, the means, and all that is required.

Question: So, how do I ask ? To whom do I turn?

Answer: This is my internal appeal. Not everyone is prepared to express the burning, inner love. Sometimes, it is the opposite. From the outside, it seems that it is contempt.

Love doesn’t burst out like lava from a volcano. It is the opposite. In accord with the spiritual source, it always comes with limitation, concealment, with covers and with modesty. Don’t expect hugs and kisses from the friends. The love burns within, and outside of us is a screen and the Reflected Light, which is to say, something completely opposite. After all, the screen with the Reflected Light are built above the egoistic desire, dark and gloomy to death. Therefore, love always is covered with modesty. The screen itself is concealment.

So, we return to the loan from the Creator. I receive the power to bestow to the group from Him. I help the friends, unite them so that they will join together wholeheartedly, and I feel that the Creator becomes revealed in the connection between them, with a laughing, happy face.

This is all the realization of the action. His powers act on me inside and out. By constructing the vessel, I see these forces when He is revealed. So, what did I do by myself? In sum, I prepared a place for this revelation.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/19/13, “The Peace”

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