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The Effort Beyond Human Power

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the effort beyond human power mean?

Answer: The effort beyond human power is what is not directed in the natural human direction, at personal benefit. It’s revealed within the group, in dedication to their environment, and this is beyond human, personal efforts. In addition to that when a person reveals this, he finds himself unable to do such things. That’s why he turns to the Creator with a request to help him make such an effort.

It’s said, “For my brothers and companions’ sake I will say, ‘Peace be within you!’” It’s impossible to turn to the Creator with a request that is not aimed at the benefit of the Creator Himself but below Him. But the human being is allowed to turn to the Creator for help in building his vessel. This is the only justifiable prayer.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/13Writings of Rabash

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Closing The Circle

Closing the CircleWhat did we attain at the European Convention? First of all, we created between us a certain mutual understanding.

We assembled together as one European group. It isn’t important that the languages and in part also the mentality separate between us. It’s Babylon as it was 3800 years ago, when it disintegrated into separate parts. Today, we are that same Babylon and come together again, but it’s not to continue the Babylonian suffering. Rather, it’s in order to unite according to the method revealed to the world back then.

It’s as if we are closing the circle, returning to the same state. It isn’t important that instead of three million Babylonians today we have seven billion. It’s simply a further division of the general soul so that for each one of us it will be easier to correct his small particle. But essentially, we represent the part of Babylon that is ready for this correction. Our entire world Kli (vessel or desire) is specifically the “cream” that rises to the top and needs to be gathered and united, and then the correction of the whole world will take place.

I think we attained here such mutual understanding, and now we have some serious work to do: to realize our mission.

You will see how each of you will come to be in great demand, how each of you can become a teacher, an educator. People will clutch at you like at straws since they don’t understand the situation they are in and in particular, the method of correction that they will suddenly discover: “How can we unite? How do we sit in a circle? What should we talk about? How do we interact between ourselves? How do we discover the contact between us?”

Here we refer to fine details we feel from within because we live them, while to explain it to someone in a scientific or systematic way is difficult and very complex. Everyone understands that if a person feels something inside, that’s one thing, but when he begins to pass it on to someone else and the other person, who doesn’t understand or feel the material, repeats it only in a mechanical way, then that’s something else completely.

Thus, each one of you will be very much in demand. Begin to be involved in integral and virtual education and you will see how people will be drawn to you. Each one of you will be worth your weight in gold.

The Creator will turn to us only when we have a passageway to the external world, and not otherwise. This is written about in every Kabbalah book. This is how nature is created: by an open, complete dissemination system. And if through us there will be an open channel to the external world, then through it, the upper Light will pass and shine upon the world. It won’t stop in any place, only circulate and become revealed. If we don’t hinder but allow for an open channel, the Light will flow through us.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/24/13, Lesson 6

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Learn From Monkeys

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “’The vervets show us that tolerance towards group members and patience while others are learning how they can improve things individually can go a long way in solving coordination problems,’ said Ronald Noë of Université de Strasbourg in France.

“In the study, the researchers had groups of vervet monkeys, two living freely in a South African park and another in captivity in France, play a social game without offering them any training on the game or how to play it. In each ‘forbidden circle’ experiment, a single low-ranking female was trained to open a container holding a large amount of food only when other monkeys dominant to her stayed outside an imaginary circle. If anyone was to get their treats, everyone had to figure out the rules and show enough restraint to follow them.

“And sure enough, the vervets did. One by one, without any guidance from humans, the dominant monkeys learned to control themselves. As soon as all of them showed restraint, the provider monkey in the middle opened the bin of food right away, saving everyone precious time.

“Remarkably, the vervet monkeys each learned how to ‘play’ on their own, in order of dominance and by trial and error. Higher-ranking monkeys figured out the rules most quickly because their status allowed them to reach the food dispenser first and to see the provider’s response that their actions provoked. With the rules to ‘back off’ understood, those more dominant individuals watched on patiently until each of their peers followed suit. The monkeys showed no evidence of communication or coercion at all.

“Noë said the findings represent skills that the vervets probably use all the time, in coordinating movements for protection of the group or their territory, for example. Their behavior shows that higher cognitive processes, such as insight into the thoughts of others and complex language, aren’t always needed to solve complex social puzzles. ‘These capacities do help us a lot, of course, and the fact that humans are so often confronted with such [coordination] problems may well explain the evolution of language and higher cognitive capacities,’ Noë said. ‘But individual learning and a bit of patience while others learn can go a long way too.’”

My Comment: How would adults and children behave in this situation? Our egoism makes us different from primates; it makes us blind! How much suffering will we have to bear before accepting the orders of the higher nature?..

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Birth Is A Breakthrough Out Of The Dark

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we are connected in mutual love in the group, then everyone should feel what everyone else feels. Then there wouldn’t be the case that someone feels good and another feels bad; everyone would feel what is happening in one heart. Whoever doesn’t share the general concern will not feel the general joy that follows.

We don’t know why the Creator suddenly creates such situations in which some people are more connected than others. It depends on many factors and especially on everyone’s preparation and to what extent one feels that it is his group.

In that case even people who were always part of “Egypt,” which means that they seemingly harm the “sons of Israel” who suffer because of them, now have the same chance to advance to spirituality. These two parts of the group have an equal chance to advance and it becomes clear that these are two sides of the same “coin,” of the same state.

Those who don’t find themselves physically in the dark can feel as if they actually experience the general suffering, thanks to their adhesion to those who have received the blow. The whole global group cannot feel the same problem physically, but it all depends on our adhesion, on the connection between the friends.

Then everyone feels a foreign pain, like an illness of a beloved person. The whole global group can share the same pain. Even the whole world can do that, if we correct ourselves, grow stronger, and rise. Then the waves of our worries, different types of waves, good and bad, will spread in every direction and will make a “noise” in the world that can be joyful or worrisome. Then the general state will be corrected together with us.

The Light is born from the dark. Thus there will be an opposite result to all the critical problems. The next state is born in the dark and every birth is oppositeness. It’s always like a breakthrough out of a dead end.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/13, Shamati #36

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A Mature Approach To Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanA mature approach to problems is when you know that you can reach the goal only by overcoming the problem. You overcome the unpleasant feelings in your desire to receive, above the darkness, and there you ask for connection with the group, with the Creator. Even your prayer is false, and internally you only wait for the problem to go away, for the darkness to dissipate at least a little, so that you will be able to rest, to relax, and to feel secure to some extent.

But you hold yourself and look for a connection and adhesion with the group, with the books, and with the teacher. You are like a baby who wants them to hold you in their arms. You look for all the support you can get that allows you to ask not for the darkness to dissipate, but rather to rise above the darkness and to think about the Creator, and not about your own feelings. Your concern is to bring Him contentment and not yourself.

If you can think this way, then to that extent you already feel joy. When you can yearn for bringing the Creator even greater contentment through the group and all the other means, then you feel even greater joy. If you cannot, then you should ask for that so that you will feel life in the external vessels, in the foreign vessels, which means “outside your own skin,” where your soul is.

The symptoms of the “illness” will go away since you will stop thinking about them and will adhere to the Creator and not to the bodily symptoms. You will come out of your skin, as if you die, and adhere to the Creator, to the soul and not to the body. This is called living in faith above reason, coming out of yourself, the transition between life and death, at least to some extent.

Then you gradually add to this transition and thus beat death. We have to at least understand the pattern of this transition, and then everything will be according to the same principle, in the same manner.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/13, Shamati #36

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On The Runway Of Physical Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Won’t rising above physical problems lead to apathy regarding physical life?

Answer: You specifically build your spiritual life above this physical life. Spirituality is built only above this world. Our world was created for this; it was not given to us by chance. The life of our physiological body is wondrously arranged in the same pattern as the upper world, as a branch resembles its root, so that in all events in this world you will begin to feel what stands on a higher level behind them.

We see how much the ten plagues of Egypt differ: blood, frogs, lice, and so forth, to the plague of the firstborn. Every plague is an unpleasant blow, but they all differ from each other. According to your place in the general system of the soul of Adam HaRishon, you pass through everything that happens in this world personally, as blows to your ego, inside your skin.

Specifically these blows help you to get out of your skin more and more, thanks to your overcoming every time. And you bless these blows, for without them you have no chance to become free. The ego holds you within the skin; only through a blow will you decide to flee from there.

The blow builds the human being in you, meaning Klipat Noga, the middle third of Tifferet, giving you the opportunity to think about why you want to get out. You don’t want to hide and flee from the blows, you are ready to stay in the dark; rather you want to adhere to the source, to the Creator, with great thanks that He gives you the opportunity to exit this body a little and approach Him.

In this condition, you begin to see and feel an enormous amount of subtleties and nuances, and in this form you build your spiritual body, namely the first ten Sefirot of the Returning Light. This really will be the Returning Light, for you no longer ask for yourself, rather you rise above the darkness felt in your will to receive, which transforms into the contracted Malchut.

You overcome this darkness and begin to build a screen above it. And your yearning to satisfy the Creator is called the Reflected Light, for you think only about His benefit. Thus you take on the initial structure of your spiritual Partzuf from which begin states found above our substance, our desire to receive in order to receive. You are detached from your “Self.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/13, Shamati #36

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.11.13

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Shamati #115 Still, Vegetative, Animate and Speaking

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpt, “Ki Tetze,” Item 29, Lesson 3 

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 3, Part 10, Item 64, Lesson 29

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 36, Lesson 21

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