How The Complex Appears From The Simple

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I sit in the lessons and expect to feel something. But meanwhile I have no clarity about what you teach…

Answer: A person who begins learning requires a few years before he begins to understand anything. But even then he still isn’t moved; he still has no reaction. The words have already entered his brain and even into his heart, already giving something which is an inner reaction, but they still don’t reach the depths of emotion, don’t penetrate by way of the four phases, which typify every desire, still don’t invite a reaction.

After that the next stage comes: the person already wants to react but doesn’t know how. He needs to make a specific clarification of the emotion that from a general abstraction is gradually focused into something more clear and deliberate, like a vector.

After this, the person begins to react more and more to what happens in a group and sees that future events will take place outside of him, within the group. For a group, it is not the faces of the friends, but rather, the field in which the development is realized. And the person looks into it with more and more concentration, acquiring more significance for it and concern for his connection with the society, and after that, strives consciously not to lose this connection in any state.

Now he sees that the group is the collective spirit that dwells among the friends that belongs to all of them. Gradually in their field, he begins to discern all kinds of forces, with different interpretations. This is not merely a homogeneous picture; rather, it has every variety of forms, that is, relationships of forces. It is like seeing the individual spokes in a rapidly revolving bicycle wheel…

Our advancement is like this in which time, patience, and effort play the key role.

Question: If I discern isolated “spikes,” in isolated connections, so what do I need to do with this?

Answer: There exist various forces by which we mutually connect with each other. When I enter into a system, I see how to use them so that they will bring it benefit, I learn our connections, understand and improve them by means of more detailed corrections. And certainly I attribute everything to the Creator.

In the end, this force is something simple, and its action is like a dual-phase switch. But the mutual connections create a very complex picture of reality for us. The matter of our world consists of elementary particles, but look at the universe that is composed of them.

All of the richness and variety are derived from an integration of connections. The simplest elements of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table are integrated in various ways, forming substances with completely different characteristics and with absolutely different behaviors. The possibility of mutual connection of the three components, the proton, neutron and electron, produce infinite forms of complex connections. This is to say that connection is the foundation of everything.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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