Common “Flock” Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe all are very different and have different levels of desires, but everybody has their own individuality, a unique role, even though it may appear to be limited. There is no obligation to “reach the stars” or strive towards something lofty. No one is better or worse than others.

When we will reach an integral connection between us, each of us will receive complete knowledge and absolute awareness of the universe. Each of us will become “a free bird” connected with others. Yet no one will rule over us except for the general desire, goal, and plan.

In other words, we become connected with others and at the same time remain absolutely free. We sense a common thought like a bird in a flock. A bird doesn’t sense itself or others. It only feels the common thought: where to turn, how to fly, and what to do next. This commonality becomes its personal asset.

Being a part of a general system, we make decisions together with others, and then we implement our decisions and achieve results. The next decision happens simultaneously in everybody, together with its implementation and result.

In other words, we become one common body. Every person simultaneously manages others and himself. In other words, we reach the level of the upper force that governs humanity, and we are inside this humanity.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/16/2011

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