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Egoism And Pleasure Are Incompatible

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is impossible to enjoy egoistically. The moment a pleasure wants to enter the desire, we feel their contact for just a short moment, and then the desire immediately dwindles.

With small pleasures we don’t experience a very intense sensation that during the contact between the desire and the pleasure, the two immediately put each other out. They both disappear and are annulled. But in great pleasures, when a person aspires very strongly and dreams about them for a long time, or in special pleasures such as sex or sophisticated artistry, a person immediately feels that the pleasure comes for a fraction of a second and then disappears.

And we ask: Why?! It’s because the egoistic desire and pleasure are initially not intended to exist one inside the other. The will to enjoy cannot hold pleasure inside of itself. The two are opposite by nature and therefore, don’t wait for them to ever be able to be together!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/11, Writings of Rabash

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The Third Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe will have a hard time until we acquire one more force besides nature, meaning the Creator, who influences our receiving desire and drives it forward like a train moving down a set track. Without an additional force, this process is entirely predetermined. Everything in it is set, including the deadlines and the final point. Sometimes I even notice that life rolls along of its own accord and does not depend on me at all.

But the science of Kabbalah enables me to evoke a third force that helps me control my own development. The force of the Light still drives my express-train forward, and nothing can be done about it. But I can use an additional force to advance consciously and sensitively, understanding the process and knowing what kind of train this is, where and why it is rushing, what drives it, and so on. By figuring all of that out, I see what auxiliary force I need and what I can change with its help.

Thus, we don’t have any chances of changing anything until we understand what our nature, our egoism is and until we realize its evil, until we reach the force of nature that pushes us forward without asking our opinion or our agreement. First of all, we must learn the real state of affairs.

That is why Kabbalists call the science of Kabbalah the root of all sciences. It’s because it researches the essence of matter, as well as the forces that influence it, control it, and develop it. Besides, Kabbalah allows us to independently attract the third force, which will make our path easier.

By means of the science of Kabbalah, I establish a connection with that force. After all, it is not present in me initially. This is not the Light under whose influence the desire evolves towards the goal. This is another force, “the Light that reforms,” which is something completely different. It comes only when I evoke it. Otherwise I am still driven by the opposition between the Light and the vessel.

“The Light that reforms” is a special, additional force that first and foremost, provides the human level for me. It does not do anything on its own. I control it and activate it to the extent I have figured out the process and learned the mechanism. And even if I don’t know exactly how it is activated, I still want it in spite of my desire, in spite of the standard development, in spite of the train that moves along without my participation.

Precisely the science of Kabbalah gives me a connection with this third, alternative force, with the Light that reforms. And then I really am able to move forward as a person who is similar to the Creator, controlling the process and looking at it from above. From a bird’s eye view, I look at the matter of my desire, at the force that pushes it down the pathways, at the program that is guaranteed to bring it to the final point in due time by combining the forces of the Light and the vessel. Similar to the Creator, I look down from above upon the two forces through which He controls creation.

But at the same time, I desire for the third, additional force to rule inside of me, the middle line, the screen. This is the human being whom I build inside of myself. And I want to advance only with its help. It contains my decisions, my actions, and their results. Everything is present there, in the middle line. We move in two lines like animals that are drawn to goodness and run away from evil; but the third force is the true mind by virtue of which I first make a restriction on everything and check or analyze the situation. I realize evil and good, and then I reach a decision. Next, I already “press on the pedals,” knowing how much and in what way I will advance in this third line.

I set the necessary restrictions myself, and they all come down to activating the general program of the joint evolution in my own way. I halt it, I control it, and precisely this control over the evolution makes me human. But first I have to understand what it turns me into.

That means that the giving of the Torah, meaning the method of correction, is intended to enable us to ascend above the natural process of development and rise to the human level. Today this is happening to all of humanity, which is discovering that it is completely subdued by the program of governance. Everything we have ever done in the world was actually not done by us. The systems we formed are essentially fruits of our egoistic nature. It was nature pushing us forward, forcing us to build our society and all of its subservient mechanisms in a very certain way.

And now we are discovering that this process is not enough for us. A situation has come about where it is necessary for us to rise above this process, to understand that until now, it was realized by nature, but now we must learn to control it ourselves. The egoistic methods no longer work because the time has come for us to learn the program and upgrade it ourselves.

Each of us received a personal awakening, but humanity will receive an awakening on a global scale. We were driven by qualitative blows and disappointments on the level of the inner search, while humanity will receive the necessary reasons on the material level, from problems with security, food, ecological catastrophes, the climate, and so on. And all of this is intended to bring people to the search for the alternative force that will enable humanity to control itself. The crisis is growing worse, the disasters are gaining might, and there is nowhere for us to run until we find this force.

This will be the general ascent. Therefore, all people will need the science of Kabbalah. After all, they won’t find the third force anywhere in the world. It is not present in their sciences or methods.

In the meantime, we have to help them. Even if they can’t find the solution yet, we must nevertheless go towards them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/11, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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Europe Has No Strategy For Exiting The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Robert Zoellick, the World Bank Chief): ‘“There is a total lack of this [leadership] now, and the longer that continues, the more money it will cost and the fewer options will remain’…

‘“The key question is whether people and governments in Europe want to establish a political and financial union to complement the currency union’…

“Zoellick called on the continent’s leaders to provide Europe with political direction as they continue to engage in dialogue.”

My Comment: The following is clear:

  • Europe still has no strategy for exiting the crisis;
  • The crucial question is: Will Europe manage to create a genuine union?

When we talk with politicians, economists, and sociologists about resolving the crisis through the integration of society, bringing it to reasonable consumption, releasing the majority of people from work, and drawing them to mandatory global integral education and training, they argue that this is too general. They want to hear concrete suggestions for how to overcome the crisis, how countries and people can get closer in practice, what can be changed in social and industrial relations, in the relations between a person and the state, and so on.

But these plans should be developed by experts in these areas. We explain the ideology of an integral society. Ideology does not complete the process of the development of a new direction, but only sets a new direction, and then “technologists” come into work. To solve the challenges of the crisis, it is necessary to organize working groups in which leading economists, business leaders, planners, and so on will work together with our specialists on the integrality of the world.

Because we have not yet begun to change our social, economic, industrial, family, and other relationships, the world continues to slide into deeper crisis. So maybe it’s time to notice us and to respond to the call to work together on creating the know-how of transition—the world’s transition to a unified perfect form.

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Rich World “Pessimistic” But Developing World “Upbeat”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “BBC World Service survey in 25 countries has found strikingly different attitudes to the economic outlook between rich and developing countries.

“In the rich world, consumers were pessimistic, while in emerging economies people were more upbeat.

“Japan, France, and Britain emerged as particularly gloomy. The percentage expecting good times in all three countries was in single figures. More than half expected bad times.

“In the developing world, optimists outnumbered pessimists in nearly every country surveyed. In Nigeria more than seventy per cent expected good times.”

My Comment: As we transition to equitable reasonable consumption, people in poor countries, of course, look at the future with optimism and happiness because their standard of living, in general, will rise. However, people in rich countries involuntarily look at the future with pessimism because they will lower their standard of living to a reasonable level.

That is why it needs to be explained to namely the citizens of rich countries that the new integral society will give them optimal fulfillment not through material excesses that drain and plunge people into depression, but rather fulfillment on a new level of existence, outside of oneself, in the connection between us—in the feeling of eternity and perfection.

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Seven-Point Plan To Save Eurozone

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (George Soros, billionaire investor):“‘My seven-point plan to save the eurozone…’”

My Comment: Sure, experts like him will discuss, criticize, and approve these points. But even if they were completely accepted, this would only hasten the economic decline of Europe because they do not contain a single word about correcting the real cause of the crisis: the discrepancy between man, society, and a unified world.

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Why Break In Through The Wall, When The Door Is Right There

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a person advances through the path of Light, what does he lack to feel, understand, remember, and live in it?

Answer: He lacks mutual help to remember about the Light! We constantly forget about it, and every person thinks that he can advance on his own, through his own desire, instead of attracting the Light through the group for it to advance us.

We forget about this undesirable turn of events. It is repugnant to our egoism, and this is why we do not wish to remember about it. I think that I will study harder, understand more, pray more, scream, pressure myself, do something special, and cry, that I will do anything but attract the Light through a connection in the group and let the Light develop me.

And this is why years and decades go by, and people just fail to understand that they are trying to break through the wall, when there is an open door right next to them. But they do not see this door! They just do not want to look in that direction because that path goes through building a connection.

We treat spirituality the same way we treat corporeality, and we think that we will be able to do everything with our own mind and hands. We have been developing throughout our entire history by creating everything with the power of our mind and the strength of our hands—this is how we have built our entire lives. So why can we not continue the same way?

I understand that everything requires effort and am ready to give everything up to understand, attain, feel, and develop. I follow the same path, the same direction, and use the same methods as always. But they are absolutely not fit for spiritual attainment!

This is because only the attraction of the Light helps in spiritual advancement, and nothing else. This presupposes work through the environment, turning to the Creator with a request (the raising of MAN), the Light of correction AB-SAG, the Light that Reforms, all of which is referred to as the path of Light. This is not an animalistic, corporeal path.

And the main obstacle here is the lack of consistency on this path. I am inconsistent because the environment is not providing me with enough support. And this is why I am not always able to remember and realize that this is the only way for me to develop. I forget about this most important point that serves as the beginning for our actual, proper development and head off to wander in my own directions.

This is the reason for the emergence of religions, different beliefs, and new age movements, of anything that does not lead in one true direction. If you do not keep this one point, you throw yourself in a thousand different directions, like an animal let out to freely walk the field.

There is no choice, you must make an agreement with your environment, referred to as a union or mutual guarantee. You should agree that you won’t allow each other to forget about this point and will connect with one another to draw the Light from this connection.

And it is not our business how the Light will operate. It does not concern us at all. It knows what it needs to do—we only accelerate its influence over us, but we do not instruct it what to do.

The Light brings us back to its Source, the goodness that it knows about. But I do not know what this goodness is because my source is beastly egoism.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/30/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Knowledge That Accumulates In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I feel that I absolutely do not understand, perceive, or feel The Study of the Ten Sefirot. What should I do about it?

Answer: I wrote in one of my books that in 1982 I studied the chapter that speaks about the structure of the world of Atzilut (although it might not have been the first time). It has been almost thirty years, and I still cannot say that I understand absolutely everything.…

Atzilut is the world of correction. You are not able to understand how complicated this system is because you do not see beyond this world. You do not sense how great and enormous creation is, which includes entire worlds and Infinity! We do not realize what this is because we are accustomed to operate only within our tiny circle, and we judge everything else according to these measures.

We study The Study of the Ten Sefirot in order to attract the upper Light. The more we speak about it, the sooner we will understand that we also consist of the same pieces. This helps us to make certain that we are on the right path and attract the Light. We advance through ascents and descents, requests (MAN) and responses from Above (MAD).

The key in this entire study is to arrive at a simple solution that you need the Light that Reforms, which will reveal this upper system, this network, to you. And only then will you be able to understand what is happening. Otherwise, you will simply mechanically memorize the words.

If you are studying only to collect knowledge in your head, then you are simply wasting time. You can play with words and pretend to be a wise guy, but we study in order to think about our union and connection during the studies and search for the Light that will give us life.

Now, when I learn about the spiritual embryo, I must want to become an embryo! It is all I need. Otherwise, what is the point in reading: “the bestowing SAG,” without knowing what bestowal is, or “the screen of the fourth level,” without perceiving the screen. If we do not attract the Light, it is empty reading. It can take you even further from the truth because you will think that you have already grown and now understand everything.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/31/2011, TES

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Pictures From The Convention In Arava, October 27-29, 2011

Here are some pictures from the convention in Arava, Israel October 27-29, 2011.


The “Meatballs” Of The World Of Atzilut

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe essence of all corrections is that the quality of bestowal, Bina, takes over the quality of reception, Malchut. Thus all spiritual structures (Partzufim) of the world of Atzilut get assembled from the fragments of the breaking in the area of Bina, inside of it.

If you want to clarify something, bring it into Bina. This is what the tradition of bringing a wife into the mother’s house after the wedding symbolizes. We always bring parts of Malchut that require scrutiny into Bina.

The world of Atzilut selects the fragments of broken desires and assembles them into new spiritual objects, Partzufim. And they are extremely different from those that existed in the world of Adam Kadmon and in the world of Nikudim because they have been fully created from the fragments of the breaking. It is like there we had “meat” and now we have “meatballs.” That is, there are many additives in this ground meat, which make it stick together.

There are no independent parts of the desire, not intermixed with something else, that can be brought into Bina and get corrected. After the breaking, every tiny particle consists of parts of Bina and Malchut; everything consists of all the parts. Every element of creation includes all 320 sparks of the breaking.

Thus meatballs are a good example because they are made of such a mixture where everything is incorporated into all elements, to the last detail. Any tiniest piece consists of all the other elements. All parts of our huge universe can be revealed inside any elementary particle existing in nature. It’s like an atom whose structure resembles that of the universe. All of it follows from mutual inclusion that occurred as a result of the breaking.

Thus, the Partzufim of the world of Atzilut are a completely new entity that doesn’t fully reflect any of the previous qualities. They are like a newborn who resembles his father, mother, grandmother, and all other ancestors from previous generations at the same time.

It is not like Galgalta, AB, SAG, MA, and BON, which were directly cut off Malchut of the world of Atzilut by the layers of desire (Aviut). In the world of Atzilut, each Partzuf has to be assembled from parts, although ultimately, they have to provide the complete HaVaYaH (KeterHochmaBinaZeir AnpinMalchut). But each Partzuf is like a meatball, shaped out of various tiny pieces that resulted from the breaking.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/3/2011, TES

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