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About Globalization

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe term “globalization” is mistakenly interpreted as growing international trade and international exchange of technologies, information, and ideas, as well as people moving from place to another in an open global economy. Some consider this progress, and some see it as a serious threat to the global economy.

But globalization isn’t only about universal exchange, but rather about integration to such an extent that it would bring about total merging and erasing of all borders. Globalization isn’t the expression of economic progress, but rather social progress and the way to a new humanity. The crises we are experiencing are a challenge for all of humanity, an adjustment.

Globalization isn’t competition, but connection, and it will work only if the goal is to reach sensible equal consumption. Otherwise the “involuntary” globalization will lead us to collapse (connection among egotists is bad for them and bad for the world).

Today there is no globalization because there are still barriers between countries and there are no laws that sustain the connection of a whole unified society. Globalization can be realized only together, in mutual guarantee. Otherwise it’s the connection among a pack of capitalist sharks.

The mergers of businesses, the economic interaction outside the political borders, the international tourism, international connections, the number of Internet users, and the different international organizations, all these should not mislead us.

Globalization is a neutral process of our evolution, determined by nature. It’s an inevitable process of interdependence (mutual guarantee) of everyone on everyone, in one integral analog system of humanity and of nature as a whole. This compels us to immediately establish a new form of integral upbringing, in order to prepare humanity for the new world that is getting nearer.

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Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “For the better part of two decades Celente and his Trends Journal have been forecasting political, financial, economic and social trends with an uncanny ability for accuracy.

“In his latest interview Celente discusses a variety of different topics – from Iran and Europe to domestic militarization and the economy – and warns that our worst fears will soon be realized.

“Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense Radio:

“‘This passed (National Defense Authorization Act) the Senate by 93-7. I’m mentioning this because all the pieces are in place now. The economy is going to crash. There is going to be chaos. Economic martial law will be called. Banks will close. And, chaos will ensure. The law is now in place for the military to come in and take over. Fascism has come to America.’

“‘And if anyone thinks that I’m over blowing this, you may recall, for those of you who have been listening to Jeff Rense for the years that I’ve been on, that when Obama got elected I said there was a high probability, in 2009, of a bank holiday because of the disastrous economic conditions.’

“In an interview with Lew Rockwell on November 30, Celente provided a timeline for events, suggesting that things may start heating up as soon as the first quarter of 2012.

“‘And my belief, and this is going to be a Top Trend of 2012, is that, in the new year, they are going to bring down the gavel on the system. They are going to pump it up to soak every last penny from the suckers to spend money on Christmas stuff they don’t need. And after that, after the Christmas holiday’s over, then were going to get the bank holiday… some form, whether its that or not, some form of economic martial law.’

“If our economy buckles, and we strongly believe it is only a matter of time, then you can fully expect that banks will close and chaos will ensue on the streets of America. Given recent legislation and the training exercises involving thousands of US military troops to be used to quell civil unrest, we can only gather that Celente is, yet again, right on target.”

My Comment: The books of prophets, The Book of Zohar, AGRA, Baal HaSulam, and Rabash, all point to our time as the period of transition from the “animate” to “human” level. This switch occurs as a consequence of people’s realization of a unified nature, in which they exist in their aspiration to become similar to it through their unification.

Nowadays, when we have unwillingly started this transition, many in the world feel its flow and necessity. With each passing day there are more and more of such people in the world. They are our only hope that the transition will result in people’s realization and the revolution of our consciousness, rather than through the path of blood, when great suffering will force us to change nonetheless.

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Spiritual Wealth Instead Of Corporeal One

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Alexander Voin, a mathematician, philosopher, head of the International Institute of Philosophy): “What do we have to do in order to fix the global crisis humanity is in? We are reaching one of the main expressions of the global crisis: the conflict between nations who are separated by different perceptions of good and bad.

“Is it possible to influence the value system? After all, the desire to acquire as much as you can is human nature! But in human nature we also find an awareness of solidarity with other people. Throughout history there were people who were ready to serve the common interests, even at their own expense. Only the relation between the number of these people and the number of people who worry about themselves without any consideration of anything else has changed under the influence of value systems set by society and also under the influence of religions, philosophy, and different circumstances. The scientific—technological progress is one of these circumstances.

“The way towards the desirable change begins here: We have to re-examine our attitude towards scientific—technological progress as the ultimate good. The production of corporeal affluence must cease being humanity’s main goal. Spiritual, moral, and intellectual advancement should be its main focus.”

My Comment: A person can change only by gradually learning about the necessity to follow nature’s plan, which will make him feel satisfied with a balanced corporeal consumption, and beyond that he will only want spiritual fulfillment.

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Look Into The Root

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”: Therefore, we must understand that in every emergence in the world there are four factors where from the four of them together arises that emergence. They are called by the names:

A. The source;
B. The unchanging conduct of cause and effect, related to the source’s own attribute;
C. Its internal conduits of cause and effect, which change by contact with external forces;
D. The conducts of cause and effect of external things, which affect it from the outside.

The repeating influence of these four factors and their interaction with each other eventually results in a “product,” meaning a human being or any other kind of being. “There is nothing new under the sun.” Anything we observe has stripped off its former shape that grew up under the influence of the four above-mentioned factors.

Why is it so important to know about them? It’s because we won’t identify what we are dealing with without having an understanding of them. Who am I? What do I see? What influences me? I understand nothing about my thoughts, desires, or actions.

The simple question “what is it?” forces me to consider the four factors that created the object I am studying. Having studied them, I get to know the object, be it a phenomenon or a property, something active or subordinate, something spiritual or corporeal.… My original perception of reality is built in a way that things that do not undergo the four factors do not exist for me. I am unable to know them.

Whatever I see has already gone through a certain developmental process, and as a consequence, it’s revealed in me. By asking “what is it?”, I in fact question the origin of the object. Hence, there always are the four factors that lie between the source of the object and my perception of it. Without them, I am unable to recognize objects and phenomena. The question about the essence of any object is an inquiry about the difference between its prior stage when this phenomenon was not yet known to me and my current sensation of it.

In this case, can we call each prior stage “the source”? What is it? Does a primary (original) condition called a primary source exist?

In spirituality, at all times there is a beginning (a root) followed by the development by four stages and completion. This entity represents a standard “unit” in which the root stage is named “the source” that initiates the whole process.

It is an entity that has stripped off its former shape and taken on another form, different from the original. And that entity, which shed its previous form, is defined as “the source.” In it lies the potential destined to be revealed and determined at the end of the formation of that emergence. Therefore, it is clearly considered its primary cause.

The source contains potential force that further turns into an action and acquires a final shape at the last stage.

Look Into The Root

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/2011, “The Freedom”

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The Integral Upbringing Of Spouses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Seven to eight hours a day we will spend in a group for integral upbringing. Can I come there alone or with my wife?

Answer: I don’t know whether you can do this and decide this for yourself.

The problem is that we first need to prepare spouses, regardless of their habitual connection with each other, to ensure that they are able to exit that connection. We need to treat them like children, and to make sure that these grownup children are not dependent on their habits.

Let’s say you come to a group. You don’t go there together with your wife. At first you both need to be prepared separately, to make a grown man out of you, and of her a grown woman. You must master the integral skills, understand the system of mutual connection: within a society, in a family, the connection with children, both theoretically and in practice, enacting this with other people.

Only after that should people do the real practical work, that is—with their own spouses, only after they have already accumulated some negative and positive potential. Rising above this isn’t that simple because spouses grow habituated towards some elements of each other’s behavior or they have long-established reactions to certain actions of the other.

We have to rise above all this gradually. That is why we first need to bring a person out of his previous state, present him with a new system of mutual relationships, and after that gradually bring him inside this new system.

But we do not disconnect a person from his family. That is, while the spouses continue to function normally as husband and wife within the family, at the same time, we need to be elevating each of them above their selves, but without touching upon their personal relationship.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 12/12/11

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The Philosophy Of My “I”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When you talk about the integral society, you always emphasize that a person rejects his own opinion for the sake of the common idea. Could you focus on this in 
more detail?

Answer: I will say a few words about this. You can say that this is a whole philosophical system.

First of all, a person must understand that he did not create himself. He was born this way. Nature created him the way he is. Partly, he received some qualities from his parents, partly from his environment in the process of growing up, and partly from who knows where, why, and how.

Everything there is in him is not his own, but has passed down to him from some internal genes, which have been realized by the uncountable generations of his ancestors. Specifically, in the creation of a person, the ancestral genes and stem cells of his parents are at work. As it is said in the Bible, “father and mother, and the Creator between them.” The three of them are at work in this process.

Afterwards, a person develops under the influence of the surrounding society, which instills its values onto him. Meaning, that in a person there is nothing of his own.

But where is his personal “I”? It is unclear at all as to what it is. Where does it come from inside of me? Even if we take a small baby, we see that it is simply an automatic machine, a small animal, where the personal “I” is gradually beginning to emerge from somewhere, something independent, structured, personal. However, we do not know what it is.

So then a person separates everything that is not his from this “I,” then he begins to actually feel that it is not a problem to separate from his qualities, which he received from the environment, from education, from his parents, or from who knows where, from the darkness of the centuries.

The most important thing is my “I.” If I only think about how to elevate and realize it, then I don’t care about all of the characteristics and qualities that exist inside of me. Meaning, that they are not mine. If a person positions himself correctly, then he understands that it is not difficult at all to rise above all of this.

It is these “I”s of ours that we have to unite with each other. But leave everything else—because these are only random parameters accompanying us.

Question: So it turns out that the development of this “I” is the objective of the integral education course?

Answer: From the whole of this superficial covering, shell, we must retrieve and develop this nucleus, the original stem cell of each one of us. It can only be developed by means of connecting all of the stem cells together. When we unite them together into one common organism, it will truly be equal and perfect, like nature itself.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 12/12/11

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Opening The Eyes Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The method of integral education for adults consists of theoretical and practical parts. I would like you to elaborate on the theoretical part of the course. What information should the package include so it becomes known to every person on Earth?

Answer: The main course is psychology.

However, the most basic course is dedicated to the evolution of humankind and the whole of nature in general. First, it explains the development of the universe, from the Big Bang or from a certain point, which we observe. We do not yet know what happened before.

The evolutionary development was carried out through a consistent, gradual complication of matter, when the elementary particles began to form the basic “building blocks,” and the building blocks formed “buildings:” gases, planets, stars, and other objects, which were gradually formed from these gases.

Then, our Earth and unique solar system were created. We have not found and will not find anything similar in the universe, despite the fact that we constantly discover new planets. This confirms that life, in the form we see it, is really unique.

And we have to solve it: What is this striking aspect in the entire inanimate universe, permeated by a myriad of forces, the idea of development, a certain design? Suddenly, this idea begins to develop not only in still objects, but also in the vegetative, animate, and human nature. It is an exciting and strange phenomenon to turn still matter into vegetative, animate….

A human being is an even less comprehensible phenomenon: How does it differ from the animal; where is this boundary, and why is he special? Of course, we can ascribe much to him, but in principle, we have not found an accurate, clear definition of the difference between man and animal. [Read more →]

Do Everything That’s In Your Power And You Will Hear!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What actions should a person make in order to move from a standstill in regards to connection with friends or dissemination?

Answer: It is said: “Do everything in your power!” The opportunity is always give to you. It’s impossible that you were given a state where you can’t do anything at all.

If you have no desire or no thoughts, then this is what you were given from Above. Even if you feel confused, weak, or like you can’t do anything, there are still actions which you are capable of doing.

For example, my rule is that I don’t stray from my routine. There’s a book that I have to write, work that I must do. Today we have the opportunity to work with groups, to disseminate, to work on the Internet, and to prepare materials.

We have the opportunity to widely disseminate and teach this knowledge. This has to be everyone’s great concern. After all, the whole world is on our shoulders, only we don’t feel it.

We must take this very seriously. Here, action really does precede the desire and thought, as it is said: “We shall do and we shall hear!” This also works in the physical form.

Even action without the desired intention corrects a person.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/11, Shamati

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