Spiritual Wealth Instead Of Corporeal One

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Alexander Voin, a mathematician, philosopher, head of the International Institute of Philosophy): “What do we have to do in order to fix the global crisis humanity is in? We are reaching one of the main expressions of the global crisis: the conflict between nations who are separated by different perceptions of good and bad.

“Is it possible to influence the value system? After all, the desire to acquire as much as you can is human nature! But in human nature we also find an awareness of solidarity with other people. Throughout history there were people who were ready to serve the common interests, even at their own expense. Only the relation between the number of these people and the number of people who worry about themselves without any consideration of anything else has changed under the influence of value systems set by society and also under the influence of religions, philosophy, and different circumstances. The scientific—technological progress is one of these circumstances.

“The way towards the desirable change begins here: We have to re-examine our attitude towards scientific—technological progress as the ultimate good. The production of corporeal affluence must cease being humanity’s main goal. Spiritual, moral, and intellectual advancement should be its main focus.”

My Comment: A person can change only by gradually learning about the necessity to follow nature’s plan, which will make him feel satisfied with a balanced corporeal consumption, and beyond that he will only want spiritual fulfillment.

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