Why Break In Through The Wall, When The Door Is Right There

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a person advances through the path of Light, what does he lack to feel, understand, remember, and live in it?

Answer: He lacks mutual help to remember about the Light! We constantly forget about it, and every person thinks that he can advance on his own, through his own desire, instead of attracting the Light through the group for it to advance us.

We forget about this undesirable turn of events. It is repugnant to our egoism, and this is why we do not wish to remember about it. I think that I will study harder, understand more, pray more, scream, pressure myself, do something special, and cry, that I will do anything but attract the Light through a connection in the group and let the Light develop me.

And this is why years and decades go by, and people just fail to understand that they are trying to break through the wall, when there is an open door right next to them. But they do not see this door! They just do not want to look in that direction because that path goes through building a connection.

We treat spirituality the same way we treat corporeality, and we think that we will be able to do everything with our own mind and hands. We have been developing throughout our entire history by creating everything with the power of our mind and the strength of our hands—this is how we have built our entire lives. So why can we not continue the same way?

I understand that everything requires effort and am ready to give everything up to understand, attain, feel, and develop. I follow the same path, the same direction, and use the same methods as always. But they are absolutely not fit for spiritual attainment!

This is because only the attraction of the Light helps in spiritual advancement, and nothing else. This presupposes work through the environment, turning to the Creator with a request (the raising of MAN), the Light of correction AB-SAG, the Light that Reforms, all of which is referred to as the path of Light. This is not an animalistic, corporeal path.

And the main obstacle here is the lack of consistency on this path. I am inconsistent because the environment is not providing me with enough support. And this is why I am not always able to remember and realize that this is the only way for me to develop. I forget about this most important point that serves as the beginning for our actual, proper development and head off to wander in my own directions.

This is the reason for the emergence of religions, different beliefs, and new age movements, of anything that does not lead in one true direction. If you do not keep this one point, you throw yourself in a thousand different directions, like an animal let out to freely walk the field.

There is no choice, you must make an agreement with your environment, referred to as a union or mutual guarantee. You should agree that you won’t allow each other to forget about this point and will connect with one another to draw the Light from this connection.

And it is not our business how the Light will operate. It does not concern us at all. It knows what it needs to do—we only accelerate its influence over us, but we do not instruct it what to do.

The Light brings us back to its Source, the goodness that it knows about. But I do not know what this goodness is because my source is beastly egoism.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/30/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. When I see a teacher yell at someone for asking a question it seems inconsistent to me as far as being loving and kind towards others. I know that that inconsistency is not actually in me, because I am actually seeing it happen. Shouldn’t w give all students the benefit of the doubt when they ask questions? Because at least, they are trying and studying while the rest of the world is not. It’s just that if I were constantly belittling someone who asked me questions, I would be perceived as inconsistent myself. What difference does it matter if it is me or someone else doing it.

    It doesn’t meant that because I point this out, that I dislike the teacher, it just means I see the inconsistency.

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