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All Interaction Happens On The Inside

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the group, we need interaction, contact. That is the only way I can reveal love and hate for my friends. When we work together on dissemination, I receive a real inner response. But in all other regards, we just sit together at lessons or meals, sing and dance together. I don’t find any interaction there….

Answer: Still, try doing this together with the group more and more. In reality, this is the work: to sit together with friends, to eat with them, to dance and sing with them. This will cause greater repulsion to be revealed inside of you. Overcome yourself and try to submerge deeper into the group—and you will discover your weakness.

This is already the expression of the truth. The more you try to take control of yourself, the more negativity you discover toward the friends. This is the entire essence and nothing more is necessary.

The sons of Israel received the method of correction only when a strong egoistic desire ripened in them. This was no longer a clan or a family, but a great number of people who felt that they didn’t belong to one another. That is how a nation emerges: I am part of a group, I was brought to it, and I participate in the life of the friends, who are connected by a common goal. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t harbor any warm feelings for them.

And now I must form the deepest connection that can possibly exist in reality—the same as the connection with the Creator. Can you imagine: to cleave to the friends like to the Creator, without any excuses, and to feel them closer than myself. Is this possible? Yes. You make efforts, and in response, Light comes from above and corrects you.

In mutual actions, everything that’s important is inside. You can take physical measures only if you can vest the intention into them. Otherwise, you shouldn’t. We need actions that will become an expression of our interconnection. This includes conventions and dissemination work. But in reality, if a person is really dear to me, then I invite him to a coffee shop or to my house to socialize with him in a friendly setting. I try to be as close as possible to him.

The gist of the matter is not for every person to prepare for the convention in his own niche, hoping that these external efforts will unite us. Rather, we must feel a much greater proximity, which is what we were slightly able to achieve at the convention in the Arava dessert. After the December convention, we will continue acting in this direction to come even closer to one another.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/11, “Mutual Guarantee”

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What A Bazaar!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Bloomberg Businessweek): “When Tuvalu, a string of atolls in the Pacific Ocean with a population of 11,000, received fresh water from a Russian-backed breakaway region of Georgia last month, the emergency shipment had strings attached.

“While Georgia lifted its veto over Russia joining the World Trade Organization last month, their conflict is now playing out 9,000 miles away in the Pacific Ocean. So far four countries acknowledged the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the separatist state Russia and Georgia went to war over in 2008. Abkhazia has approached a total of 14 countries in the region, including Fiji, [Juris] Gulbis [Abkhazia’s ambassador to the Asia-Pacific] said.

The other three countries that have given official recognition are Nauru, another Pacific island, and Nicaragua and Venezuela in Latin America.

“Pacific island nations are used to bartering recognition for aid, after exploiting competition between China and Taiwan, said Fergus Hanson, research fellow at the Sydney-based Lowy Institute for International Policy.

“Australia, which along with New Zealand is a major donor to the South Pacific region, is urging Russia to desist from effectively bribing Pacific nations to align with its interests.”

My Comment: That is the way international “recognition” is bought!

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The Collapse Of Europe Has Begun

Opinion: (Beatrice di Mauro, a member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s council of economic advisers, from Süddeutsche Zeitung): “Policy makers are making effort to tame the debt crisis. Yet, it is the eurozone that is under the biggest threat. The crisis can also spread to the rest of the world…

“The debt reduction only works long term. Our goal is that in about two decades, the national debt in all eurozone countries is 60% of their GDP.

“With regard to the collapse of the EU, it has long since begun. For ten years, there has been an illusion that a single currency means a single zone. Now, the national vision of problems is dominant everywhere, and it turns out that the last 10 years have passed in vain….”

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In Love, Similarities Attract

Dr. Michael Laitman

In the News (from The Straits Times): “The long-held theory of romance that opposites attract may be wrong, a new study suggests.


“Researchers at University of California, Berkeley found similarity rules when people find themselves drawn to potential romantic partners, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

In what they refer to as ‘matching hypothesis,’ men and women fall for the potential partners of their own or similar league and desirability. Although personality and common interests play a factor, like is drawn to like when it comes to instant attraction.

“The researchers studied the popularity of 3,000 heterosexual users of a dating site in which popularity was measured by the number of opposite-sex individuals who had sent unsolicited messages to a user.

“High- popularity users contacted other popular ones at a greater rate than would be expected by chance, the study found. Similarly, the less popular users of the site also contacted other low-popularity users.

“As a follow-up study, researchers found a similar result where potential mates seek someone in their own league for a date. ‘Individuals on the dating market will assess their own self-worth and select partners whose social desirability approximately equals their own,’ the researchers concluded.”

My Comment: Kabbalah talks about the general law of the world: the law of equivalence of form. Now this has been discovered by scientists.

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Live In The Past In Order To Attain The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to aspire towards a past state that we achieved at the desert convention? Shouldn’t we be going forward?

Answer: That is correct. But for the time being, you are awakened by the desire to rouse a state you have already experienced so that it will manifest now. You live in the past, like an old man. In spirituality, you are not a “man” or a “youth” yet to be building new degrees. Right now you are not able to achieve a connection with others in order to attain even higher states. You live in your past memories.

This is why I say: “Fine, awaken the past! But make the past new in the sense that now you are changing the reason, your attitude towards it.” And this is a good thing! Do not neglect the past; it is the Reshimot (reminiscences) from a past state. After all, even now we live in the past as we have Reshimot from our descent from Infinity.

But now the time has come to build a new desire for my past state, like in TANTA, when I attain a new desire (vessel) as the screen becomes thinner. Right now we are approaching practical work. This is only for those who go through these states in the sharpest possible form, who have the Reshimo, the memory of what we have attained. Every one of us has this Reshimo, and we can awaken it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/2011, The Zohar

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Help Of The Second Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything is gained through the power of prayer. If I am the desire to receive, I can’t do anything with myself because I lack the second force: the desire to bestow. The presence of these two forces existing in creation is necessary for me to fight, make decisions, and do something to one with respect to the other.

The first force is egoistic. It is given to us at birth. But how do we get the force of bestowal that comes from the Creator? That is the problem, and our prayer is about that.

Why do we need the second force? If I feel a lack with regards to the first, egoistic force, I begin searching for how to fill it. And this is also called a prayer. Even a thief, who is planning to steal but is feeling anxious about his success, creates a prayer for a successful robbery through his desire. And it also receives a response just like any other lack.

Thus the problem is not in the desire, but what it is directed to. It shouldn’t be a desire toward filling my egoism that develops in a natural way, making me act for my own good. The still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature are instinctively developed in such a way.

But the human level doesn’t exist in nature as a result of its natural development. “A human” not in the sense of a physical body of this world, which essentially is the highest level of the animate degree, but a spiritual human who is similar to the Creator can develop only under the condition of acquiring the second force, the force of bestowal in addition to the first one, the force of reception. Thanks to this, man becomes similar to the Creator.

But how can this force be passed to a person if it only belongs to the Creator? This transition cannot be direct. Rather, it can happen through some influence or example from the Creator, either in a hidden or revealed form, when the desire to receive in a person changes its shape and behavior. And instead of receiving directly, like it is intended by nature, it starts working differently.

The desire to receive inside a person will change itself. It’s not like two opposite forces becoming revealed inside him or her: the human desire to receive and the Creator’s desire to bestow. The force of bestowal exists only in the Creator. It can only be passed to a person through the influence of the Creator. And then the person’s desire will change its shape and external manifestation.

He starts acting in bestowal for the sake of bestowal, restraining himself and not harming or using another person. Or, he receives for the sake of bestowal by working the same way he used to, but with the intention to bring good to the other.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Joy Based On A Solid Foundation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion (from the Italian group): We want to pass joy onto our friends. Do you feel it?

Answer: It’s not just joy because joy can be frivolous and carefree.

I feel a long lasting joy that is based on facts, a solid matter, a strong group, on the current condition of the world. My joy is the joy of a person who stands on very solid ground. He knows that his joy is constructive, that it opens a new path for humanity. Surely, everything is done by the upper force, but we are involved in the process. We participate in it, and that is why I feel great joy.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/2011, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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The Secrets Of The Eternal Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person stops experiencing death on the level of universal integration. It dissolves internally in his desires, thoughts, and feelings in the one, common, enormous thought, the single desire that we all create, and he transitions into a different state in a smooth, quiet, and nice manner.

This takes place before the death of his body because he becomes something general, something that exists in one general idea, something that shares a unified existence with nature and society. His spirit is referred to as the “human within us,” and everything else is the physical body that exists on the animate level of development.

Man the level inside us that can connect into a single unified system with others. When you begin to experience that you are locked into this system together with everyone else in your thoughts and feelings, mind and heart, then you stop feeling your body, and you feel as if you were “floating” above it. You exist in it, but you do not feel it, like in the moments of euphoria or some special sensations when one slightly “comes out of his body.”

Mutual guarantee takes a person to the next level of existence. At the same time, we connect to the collective mind, the collective feelings, when the mind and feelings become one whole, closed in together with the unified mind and feelings of the entire universe, all of nature, the entire mechanism which drives the universe and controls it.

This is the law of the evolution of the universe. We enter this law and become its active part. The attainment of this unity between us is the “human” in us. We become one with nature, and this way we rise above everything that pertains to our body.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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The Birth Of A New State

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see that over the course of the last several decades that the world is starting to understand that it is interconnected and interdependent, that everyone has certain responsibilities in relation to one another, and that the world’s socio-political system must reach a certain balance.

For now, wars continue and we keep hearing explosions. But this is exactly how Earth was born as it went through consecutive states of development: explosions, periods of cooling down and warming up, with the creation of craters, volcanoes, ice ages, and so on. All these are stages of the birth of a new state.

If we manage to accelerate our development and soften it, we will reach a balanced state much quicker. Just like over time Earth reached balance (the lithosphere and life formed on it, and so on), the same way human society will eventually reach the necessary balance after a number of cataclysms.

Balance is built on a connection between us, and this connection must be universal. Today we are discovering that nature is obligating us to be this way.

We must restructure ourselves and our relationships, and then we will reach a completely different society. Once we reach balance with the general nature, we will see how our interconnection on the level of human society has a positive influence on all of nature, and it will begin to recover from the damage we have caused it.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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