The Birth Of A New State

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see that over the course of the last several decades that the world is starting to understand that it is interconnected and interdependent, that everyone has certain responsibilities in relation to one another, and that the world’s socio-political system must reach a certain balance.

For now, wars continue and we keep hearing explosions. But this is exactly how Earth was born as it went through consecutive states of development: explosions, periods of cooling down and warming up, with the creation of craters, volcanoes, ice ages, and so on. All these are stages of the birth of a new state.

If we manage to accelerate our development and soften it, we will reach a balanced state much quicker. Just like over time Earth reached balance (the lithosphere and life formed on it, and so on), the same way human society will eventually reach the necessary balance after a number of cataclysms.

Balance is built on a connection between us, and this connection must be universal. Today we are discovering that nature is obligating us to be this way.

We must restructure ourselves and our relationships, and then we will reach a completely different society. Once we reach balance with the general nature, we will see how our interconnection on the level of human society has a positive influence on all of nature, and it will begin to recover from the damage we have caused it.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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