The Secrets Of The Eternal Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person stops experiencing death on the level of universal integration. It dissolves internally in his desires, thoughts, and feelings in the one, common, enormous thought, the single desire that we all create, and he transitions into a different state in a smooth, quiet, and nice manner.

This takes place before the death of his body because he becomes something general, something that exists in one general idea, something that shares a unified existence with nature and society. His spirit is referred to as the “human within us,” and everything else is the physical body that exists on the animate level of development.

Man the level inside us that can connect into a single unified system with others. When you begin to experience that you are locked into this system together with everyone else in your thoughts and feelings, mind and heart, then you stop feeling your body, and you feel as if you were “floating” above it. You exist in it, but you do not feel it, like in the moments of euphoria or some special sensations when one slightly “comes out of his body.”

Mutual guarantee takes a person to the next level of existence. At the same time, we connect to the collective mind, the collective feelings, when the mind and feelings become one whole, closed in together with the unified mind and feelings of the entire universe, all of nature, the entire mechanism which drives the universe and controls it.

This is the law of the evolution of the universe. We enter this law and become its active part. The attainment of this unity between us is the “human” in us. We become one with nature, and this way we rise above everything that pertains to our body.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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