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A Unified Agreement

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo develop our spiritual sensation, we unite and connect. We have to attain the kind of unity that is called, “mutual guarantee.” Essentially, this is the vessel for feeling the spiritual, eternal and perfect life that is outside the body.

For that we have to do what Kabbalists, who are people that have already gone through this path, advise us to. They are our teachers and are therefore called “Rabbanim” in Hebrew, which is the plural of Rav, meaning a “great” person before whom I bend down my head like before an experienced instructor that is worthwhile to listen to.

He accomplished the transition from the sensation of just this world to the sensation of the upper world, and moreover, he went through many states and levels there. Therefore he can help me with advice throughout the whole path, until I complete my development in the true world. By virtue of Kabbalists, I reveal the gates to the world, enter it, and advance.

Kabbalits advise us to unite, and in that unity, by making great efforts in spite of our egoism and natural disregard, to look precisely for the feelings we disregard. I reject the neighbor and hate him, I am unable to even think about how we can be truly close to one another. But Kabbalists tell us that we have to be as one man with one heart, uniting in the mind and feeling to such an extent that no boundaries will remain between us in thoughts or desires.

This is all painfully opposite to our nature. We are being offered such conditions that we would be willing to trade them for anything else. We are nauseous from this and are thrown away from it at every moment in different directions—anything but unity. We just want to cover ourselves up with half-hearted advice and actions, lie to ourselves and others that everything is normal…But we can’t.

What can help us here are demands imposed by physical unity: We act all together and no one can evade his responsibilities. That is exactly why we are in this world of actions that are not defined by intention. In spirituality, the thought is the action, but in corporeality they are divided: I can think about one thing, desire another, and do a third.

This is the wonderful quality of our world: Here we can start the path to spirituality without even yet thinking about it for real or wishing for it sincerely. We are able to make actions that pride, passion, ambition, envy, and shame incite us to do—everything that is inherent to our egoism.

Therefore, being in the group, at the end of the day, I must carry out what it obligates each of its members to do. After that, by virtue of that, I advance involuntarily. I must only push myself into the group, take on obligations, and sign a “unified agreement” with the friends that under any circumstances, they have obliged me and I have obliged them to need one another. That is how we advance, using our egoism.

Thus, in our world we have the opportunity to start the spiritual path from zero, from pure ambition. We activate its negative qualities, connecting with one another by the unity of mutual help, and use all the negative qualities just to observe this unity. In this case, you obligate the friend and he obligates you, and you both advance, having no other choice.

This is exactly what we saw when we went to the convention in the Arava desert. We found ourselves together without external influences and discovered that the group can obligate every person to rise and come closer to the sensation outside the body, where a person begins to discern details hitherto unknown, a different existence “outside of the skin of his body.” It turns out that “outside of us” is really possible. That is how we advance.

Today we can unite with one another in this world by means of the right egoistic actions. However, now every one of us has to “jump out of his skin,” rise above his personal egoism, above his entire being, and unite with friends into a single whole. Stated differently, every person must rise above himself and go from the material group to the spiritual one.

Then the common vessel will form, the common soul, the holy Shechina where we will reveal the Creator on the first spiritual level. We made a big step toward this and acquired a common sensation, and now we must strengthen ourselves.

Thus, we build the vessel of mutual guarantee: We pledge not to forget one another and all together we take care of our spiritual life. After all, this is the purpose of our current existence in the material world, the goal of all people and this whole reality. Only by virtue of mutual care will we rise to the level of spiritual unity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on 11/20/11, “Mutual Guarantee”

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Millionaires Ask Congress To Raise Their Taxes

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from CNN): “A group of two dozen millionaires stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday, demanding lawmakers raise their taxes.

“‘We want to pay more taxes,’ said California millionaire Doug Edwards, a former marketing director for Google (GOOG, Fortune 500). ‘If you’re fortunate, and you make more than a million dollars a year, you ought to pay more taxes.’

“The millionaires want Congress to allow the tax cuts passed during the George W. Bush administration to expire. Some want higher taxes generally.”

My Comment: “It is better to give willingly, proudly, and less than have them take everything,” the instinct of survival says. But this will not help. The only thing that can help is a quick investment of their funds in educating the public about life in the new world of moderate and reasonable consumption and the fostering of unity of people towards similarity with an integral world.

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The 21st Century Is Critical

Opinion: (Mikhail Gorbachev, the former first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union): “The XXI century will be a сentury either of total all-embracing crisis or of moral and spiritual healing that will reinvigorate humankind. It is my conviction that all of us – all reasonable political leaders, all spiritual and ideological movements, all faiths – must help in this transition to a triumph of humanism and justice, in making the XXI century a century of a new human renaissance.”

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We’re 4 Years Into A 10-year Depression

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (David Rosenberg, chief economist at Gluskin Sheff): “Rosenberg says the US economy is in a modern day depression similar to what Japan has suffered from for the last 20 years.

“Rosenberg says that we’re just 4 years into a depression that will likely last 7-10 years. He says the economy is likely to begin contracting again in 2012 and that the employment situation is going to deteriorate further.”

My Comment: It is an incorrect comparison. If Japan was going through an individual depression, we are experiencing a global one. It’s global not only in scope, breadth, and depth, but also because it affects all aspects of our life, which requires a restructuring of social relations, that is, a transition to a different social system. It is unrealistic to expect that we will come out of the crisis, and it is unreasonable to think that we will return to the former way of life and governance.

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Don’t Skimp On Education And Upbringing!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “Two-thirds of the young people in court [charged over the August riots in England] were classed as having some form of special educational need, compared to 21% for the national average.

“More than a third of young people who were involved in the riots had been excluded from school during 2009-10 – this compares with Department for Education records showing 6% exclusions for all Year…” (Source: BBC)

“The situation in the U.S. is not better. The consequences of saving on education are already being felt. The latest crisis proves that those who stop investing in education may lose everything.” (Source:

My Comment: It is necessary to teach everybody regardless of their age, gender, and occupation about the new world, new social conditions, and the need for mutual guarantee. Otherwise, we really can lose everything!

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One Must Not Distance Himself From The People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If it is impossible to go against one’s desire on the inside, then what actions can we make against the desire, only physical ones?

Answer: Physical actions also count. After all, before we are able to do spiritual actions, we can only act physically.

For now a person studies, disseminates materials, and connects with the friends in a physical group by working together. This is the way he acts, even though he is not yet capable of inner actions. And this really helps.

Even the strongest and best inner actions still do not replace physical ones, which we do in the corporeal world in a large mass of people. We see how dissemination in this world, and especially being in touch with people in different countries who went out to the streets to protest, advances students in their inner understanding.

A person goes out to give out leaflets, and he spends time between people who know nothing about the inner structure of the universe and scream demanding bread and other necessary material things. And then he returns to his books and his inner development, and he suddenly sees that he feels more, understands more, and advances.

All this is because I have received an impression from them; I absorbed their desire. And even though these are corporeal desires, it does not matter. They still advance me because this external desire impresses me.

This external desire rises to a higher degree in me, the degree I am on. It is written that the “Creator dwells among His people.” Thus it turns out that I reveal the Shechina inside the people on the exact height that I am able to reveal it.

This pertains to the greatest Kabbalist: If he comes with his desires with the purpose of connecting to the desires of the people, then through their desires, he receives an impression inside his own, at the height accessible to him. This is why it is written that one must not distance himself from the people.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/17/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Questions About Teaching Mutual Guarantee In Schools, The Ego, And The “Stony Heart”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion (from the Hebrew blog): The advice is to expand dissemination and to educate the public. We should not rest on our laurels just because people come to the mutual guarantee centers. We should organize various study groups in schools for a nominal fee and through them introduce the values of mutual guarantee.

I have no doubt that parents will be happy to send their children to these study groups. It is desirable to do this namely in secondary schools because teen’s behavior begins to deteriorate at this age. Of course, children should be stimulated by prizes or awards. I would be glad to hear your opinion.

Answer: This needs to be worked out and carefully implemented so that people gradually realize the need to unite in order to solve all our problems.

Question: Do I have to hate my ego all the time? It’s all I have. If I go after the things I want, I am nothing.

Answer: If you use it correctly in order to rise above it, you should appreciate and love it as help against you.

Question: What is the “stony heart”?

Answer: Our desires that we can never correct ourselves. They are corrected by the general Light of all the souls at the end of correction.

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The Psychology Of The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is known that Baal HaSulam respected materialistic psychology since it, as it were, opens the way to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Psychology speaks about the powers of a living creature’s soul, which exists in our world at the level of a beast.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the development of these forces in a person when he begins to evolve thanks to the spiritual spark that awakens in him and the Light that Reforms. This Light influences a person as if from outside, but it actually awakens within him according to his plea.

And then a person begins to develop and see what forces of the divine soul, that is, the forms of bestowal develop in him, and in what directions and ways. Over the course of their development, he discovers them in the form of Gematria (numerical value) and names, and he already feels within him what forces come from the right side or from the left. These are not the same sides as in our world, but the right or and left lines in their spiritual root. All of this immediately connects to a person with the language of branches. But all of them are inner forces of the soul. This is already spiritual psychology, the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the 2nd pat of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/16/2011, The Zohar

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