What A Bazaar!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Bloomberg Businessweek): “When Tuvalu, a string of atolls in the Pacific Ocean with a population of 11,000, received fresh water from a Russian-backed breakaway region of Georgia last month, the emergency shipment had strings attached.

“While Georgia lifted its veto over Russia joining the World Trade Organization last month, their conflict is now playing out 9,000 miles away in the Pacific Ocean. So far four countries acknowledged the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the separatist state Russia and Georgia went to war over in 2008. Abkhazia has approached a total of 14 countries in the region, including Fiji, [Juris] Gulbis [Abkhazia’s ambassador to the Asia-Pacific] said.

The other three countries that have given official recognition are Nauru, another Pacific island, and Nicaragua and Venezuela in Latin America.

“Pacific island nations are used to bartering recognition for aid, after exploiting competition between China and Taiwan, said Fergus Hanson, research fellow at the Sydney-based Lowy Institute for International Policy.

“Australia, which along with New Zealand is a major donor to the South Pacific region, is urging Russia to desist from effectively bribing Pacific nations to align with its interests.”

My Comment: That is the way international “recognition” is bought!

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