It Is Forbidden For Us To Err

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The current period is very difficult. We feel the pressure put on us; the Creator is very strict with us. In what way, here in Europe, can we rise above all our fears to respond appropriately to what the Creator wants from us?

Answer: Our main goal is connection, unity. Even if we don’t disseminate the method of integral education, our connection will influence the world anyway. It will seemingly spread under the ground and influence everyone.

Everyone will begin talking about this. Everyone will begin to think and to understand since the entire world is interconnected anyway. This is known from scientific research, and people already feel this: Something that I think about in one country in the world suddenly begins to be discovered in thoughts and actions in another country, and so forth.

So, first and foremost, we need unity. Especially, if we begin to connect beyond the borders of Europe! And the moment we begin to do this, we will feel that the relationships between nations, between people, will become completely different. The media are beginning to present information in a slightly different form: in a softer, mutual form, with the understanding that there is no other choice, it is necessary to campaign for good relations with one another. Therefore, we need to go towards this.

And then, from our connection, we already disseminate the method of integral education itself. This is not complicated at all. You can’t imagine how quickly this will be realized; we simply need to take on the right form and to act; this is the main thing in the wisdom of Kabbalah. For you can invest immense amounts of energy, years of toil, squeeze out of yourselves everything that is possible, but if this doesn’t progress in the right direction, deviating a little to the side, then nothing will come of this!

Baal HaSulam writes in his book Shamati, that Israel is someone who is directed straight towards the Creator; the Torah is the system that connects people because it acts to implement the general rule “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This is to say, if you direct yourself towards love, towards the connection between you, directly towards the Creator, then you will reach the Creator. But if you distort this way slightly, then you veer to the side. This angular distance can be very small, but when you advance, the distance grows.

It Is Forbidden For Us To Err
Therefore, it is forbidden for us to err, we need to correct ourselves all the time: a little more and more, like any tracking system.

We need to pay attention to this, and then it will not be complicated and difficult at all. Very quickly, really immediately, you will feel the right reaction from the world. People will suddenly begin to find you, to turn to you and ask: “Where were you up to now?”
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 4

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