Cleave To The Creator More Strongly

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is said that he who cleaves to the Upper One does not fail, that he is above all problems. How can we increase the desire to cleave to the Creator, to overcome all adversities, and rise above everything that we feel from the Creator?

Answer: We have already discussed that a person cannot do anything alone. Those problems that the Creator gives us just seem personal. No one has personal problems because of the Kli (vessel) that became shattered in the world of Nikudim. In other words, the soul of Adam that was in the world of Atzilut was common, and all the problems are the demonstration of the shattering of the correct, common state. That is why it is impossible to say that I am uncorrected. There is no human being who was like that because I am uncorrected only in my attitude toward the common state that was originally created.

The shattering occurred not in every one of us but between the parts of the common soul, and that is why we need to correct the connection between us. This is very important. We need to remember this and constantly try to imagine the corrected state, and then we suddenly will see how the general mosaic comes together and turns into a beautiful, joint Lego, and the upper world is manifested in this combination.

Question: When we are connected together, the Light passes through us to the 99% of humanity. In this case, do we need to cleave to the Creator more strongly to be able to transmit the Light more?

Answer: Of course. This is because the world will demand more and more from us. It is in a critical state even now. We need to perceive its state as a plea to us because when a baby who is feeling bad is crying, his parents guess what he wants. So, are we: The world screams, it feels bad, and we must guess what it needs. It needs unity. That is why we must act in this way.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 4

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