The Opportunity To Reach Unity

Dr. Michael Laitman The breaking of the common soul really was a great thing. Through the breaking, the Creator gave us an opportunity to exist and express ourselves. After all, if the parts of the common soul weren’t distanced from one another, we wouldn’t be able to build the Creator’s image and perceive ourselves in relation to others. We would simply dissolve within the Light as it is impossible to distinguish anything within one unified object.

The creation can’t exist within one whole; we can only exist when there is us and something else. Our perception results from the distance between us. We can’t attain anything in absolute light or in complete darkness.

For this reason, the breaking gives us the opportunity to attain and experience existence. Otherwise, if we were to find ourselves in absolute and total darkness, we wouldn’t sense anything and we wouldn’t be able to feel that we exist. This is because all of our senses are based on perception between two opposites, such as sound versus silence or scented versus unscented. If there were “silence” in all of our senses, we couldn’t perceive ourselves.

So, the breaking happened precisely to give the creation the opportunity to exist and perceive itself. This really is a divine patent. We fill the space where the breaking took place. We fill the empty space between the parts that seemingly appear to be distanced from one another with the Light. In reality, however, it was the Creator who disappeared from the single whole in order to give us the opportunity to reach that same unity independently.


  1. ‘If there were “silence” in all of our senses, we couldn’t perceive ourselves.’

    In quite contrast to what you have said above my modest observation is as follow:

    When I silence myself to the maximum,
 there no more Marek, there is no more ‘I’, there is no more EGO, there is only a servant, there is only a vessel, an empty vessel ready to receive instructions from the Source which I do receive
 and act upon.

    He, the Source wants me to do things as I do and I humbly fulfill my appointed duty of His Most Holly Name.

    That is the way my vessel act.
    I am a humble instrument in His magnificent hands.


  2. all will be revealeild. the chosen will combine their pure love with the pure love of the creator . then all will be as written

  3. If it’s such a great thing to be separate and distanced why does Kabbalah strive to restore Unity and Oneness?

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