Expanding Our Perception – Opposites Can Both Be True

Dr. Michael Laitman Isaac is a force that grows opposite to Abraham and serves as "help against him." We begin discovering that spirituality is not a singular force as we once thought. We are unable to understand how two opposite opinions can coexist and both can be true. It isn’t understood yet that precisely in this collision and contention, the truth is revealed. We think everything should be straightforward and clearly defined.

However, we start realizing things aren’t as clear cut as we originally perceived. When we begin working with our quality of “Isaac” and correcting it, we start realizing things aren’t as straightforward as we had formerly perceived exclusively through our egoism. In other words, all that we saw through our egoism was the desire to enjoy and the pleasure opposite the desire, but now we see that there is a left line and a right line. Moreover, both may be true and correct, which helps us advance. On the other hand, both may contradict one another, but nevertheless both have a place in creation because they’re both tied to the Creator.

Indeed, both the qualities of “Isaac” and “Abraham” are included within us: one’s own quality of reception, whereby a person remains a creature existing separately from the Creator; and above it a quality of bestowal, which one acquires from the Creator. It follows that there will always be an inner conflict between these two forces within a person. Thus, only by raising Isaac, Abraham comes to understand his true position with respect to the Creator. That is why the word "son" (Ben) means "understanding" (Leavin), which is Bina, a new degree.

Spiritual Properties Within Me: Abraham And Isaac

Dr. Michael Laitman “Abraham” is the first spiritual property that we reveal within. It is the main quality of bestowal, Hafetz Hesed (one who wants mercy). When Abraham reaches “old age,” meaning that a certain stage is completely revealed to him, a new state emerges which is fundamentally opposite to the preceding stage.

This is a process in which Abraham continuously raises himself above his previous desire associated with Babylon before attaining the next stage. First, he distances himself from all the forces and desires of Babylon’s inhabitants who worship other gods. When he detaches himself from it, he leaves that place or stage, and a new stage emerges. On this new stage, the cycle repeats. Once again he reveals the desire within, which returns him to the previous state he just left.

Since he is continuously growing above desires qualitatively, it only seems like a new stage emerges. A desire reveals itself on the “left side” opposite to Abraham, yet, at the same time, it is his “son,” which means it is a consequence originating from Abraham. This is how "Isaac," which signifies the left line, Bina, Gevura (prevailing, overcoming), emerges as the source of all impure forces associated with the left side (Klipot).

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