Unity That Cannot Be Broken

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: What happened during the breaking of the common soul that enabled correction to be possible thereafter?

My Answer: The breaking brought about an inter-inclusion, mutual penetration, and true unity between different qualities. Prior to the breaking there were two incompatible qualities that did not overlap and even repelled each other: reception and bestowal. Later they came closer to one another and started to be expressed within one object – Nekudot de SAG. However, this closeness was similar to oil that’s poured over water, or two pieces of metal that are glued together; they still don’t have anything in common.

In these cases, it’s possible to apply an external force in order to overcome the mutual repulsion. This will force one quality to enter inside the other. Yet, even then, both qualities will still continue to exist. For example, we can mix liquids together by way of vibration, or cause metals to merge together by way of fusion. This produces different types of metal alloys that are soft or hard, malleable or rigid, as well as the type that can be made into thin sheets. However, this is not true unification.

In spirituality we have to attain true unity between opposite qualities. We don’t yet understand what this means. This isn’t just simply taking a little bit of Malchut and a little bit of Bina and mixing them so they would exist side by side. Spiritual unity is when each one helps the other and each enters inside the other. The qualities of Bina penetrate the qualities of Malchut, and the qualities of Malchut enter Bina. Thus, they exist together, complementing each other for the sake of attaining a mutual goal.

First their qualities grow closer, until reaching a common boundary during Tzimtzum Bet. Only then can they intermix with each other and penetrate one inside the other. However, they still don’t unite, as the Zivug takes place over Tzimtzum Bet, in Nikvey Eynaim Rosh SAG. But then, under the influence of the most powerful Light, which comes from Zivug AB-SAG, they receive a blow and break. That is when their qualities “melt” and a new, mutual quality is born.

This is how the unification of Bina and Malchut takes place as a result of their striking unity and breaking (Shevirat HaKelim). New spiritual Patzufim of the Worlds ABYA come out, in which Bina and Malchut work together, jointly. This is why it is called “unity” of the qualities of reception and bestowal, where you are “instead of me in every way, and I am instead of you in every way, and both of us are together.” This unity is possible only when the Upper Light maintains it and does not let it disappear.

Thus, the Worlds of ABYA, which conduct Light through the quality of Malchut and Bina as one whole, are able to correct the broken soul of Adam – his parts, our souls.

Solution Of The Crisis: Recognition That We Are One

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Guardian): Scientists have learned that selection of a sexual partner depends not on the person, but on the preferences of the species in general. “People are usually attracted to partners with similar facial features to their own, but after a brief but stressful experience, men’s preferences changed to include a wider variety of women, the study found…Lass-Hennemann speculates that stress might increase men’s tendency to “outbreed,” or reproduce with more genetically dissimilar women, with the potential benefit that any children born from the relationship might be better equipped to cope with a stressful environment.”

My Comment: We see that our actions are controlled not by our individual consciousness, but by the consciousness of our biological species. This biological consciousness gives us commands directed towards benefiting the whole organism. In other words, the world is structured so that on the level of biology we obey the laws of Upper Governance as methodically as robots would. Yet we don’t have such programs on the level of social connections, thus we use primitive egoistic programs of our physical body in interactions with other people.

However, these programs are not directed toward survival of the species as a whole, or even us as people. They are directed only towards survival of our biological body and raising the level of its physiological comfort. When we take the same biological mechanism protecting our body, and apply it to interactions with other people, then that protection system prevents us from getting closer with the other person.

At the end of the 20th century, the use of this biological protection mechanism toward social interaction evolved into an egoistic problem for all of humanity. The reason is that we (the human species) are approaching a new level of self-organization that we must move toward in the 21st century. Therefore, if we will not mindfully overcome the forces of repulsion among us, the transition will arrive in a dramatic way.

How Can Humanity Unite?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur entire work is carried out by the Creator, who fills the space between us. So you can imagine how fruitless all of humanity’s attempts to unite on its own, are.

Today humanity’s global problems are revealed, and we find ourselves tied together. We thereby witness the revelation of the Upper system, the connection among us. We try to reach some agreements, establish certain connections on this level,  but to no avail. Reaching compromises was possible until the global system became revealed. Today it no longer works.

That is why we have to reveal Who fills the space among us. Without this “middleman” – the Creator – nobody will manage to establish a connection with the others. Hence we experience the crisis in family relationships, relationships with children, relatives, and virtually everybody. And these problems will only intensify.

Transforming Through Spiritual States

Dr. Michael Laitman If you acted correctly at your current stage meaning that you “practiced the Torah” and thereby you attracted the necessary amount of Light, then the stage you passed becomes your “grave” and in its place a new stage will emerge. In fact, the new stage is the same as the old but at a much greater depth. This is so that when we reach it we experience a higher level of clarification that leads to attracting more extensive Light. While staying in Malchut of the World of Infinity, we gradually reveal all the worlds, one by one, from older ones to newer ones. The process of advancing progressively uncovers the whole Universe to us. We all are already present in this Universe, but we don’t see much of it.

In order to do so, we make efforts. “Applying enough effort” means that we were able to pass our previous step and transform it into the next. It won’t emerge by itself unless we work hard. Where will it come from? We have to develop it ourselves by sharpening our vision and perception.

If we are all present in the World of Infinity at this very moment, then why don’t we see it? Why do we see this world instead? It is because we lack the correct desire! In order to develop it, we should attract more Light. Only then can we start sensing the World of Infinity.

To attract the Light, we need the group. The group is what we call “practicing the Torah.” This situation arises each time we transition from one level to another. As it is written, when a person dies, the Higher Judge asks him these questions: “Did you practice the Torah? Did you await salvation?” The true meaning of these questions is: “Did you find the right method to reach the correct goal?”

If the right question arose within us, if the right desire was formed, then the following stage will reveal itself. And if not, then we will “die,” and there won’t be a “grave” in which we are buried. It means that we won’t reach the state where we sense that we have the grave needed for the spiritual birth of the next state. And as a result, we are unable to see yet our next state which then gives us birth.

When we complete our previous stage, we leave it. This is what is called “the grave.” It is not scary at all! Let’s pray that the Creator grants us prompt transformations.

Clarifying The Secret Act of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: What is so special in one’s effort? What does it change in a person?

My Answer:
What counts is not the effort within our desires, but rather the effort in our aspiring to clarify the difference between us and the Light, the creature and the Creator. That is, our effort is directed only toward the point within the creature where the difference between “existence” (Yesh Mi Yesh) and “existence from absence” (Yesh Mi Ain) is revealed.

We are constantly clarifying the gap that initially appeared between the Creator and the creature. That is why our exertion is directed only toward the clarification of who He is and who am I?

Such is the inner essence of this process. However, for us, it manifests as more tangible things, such as receiving the Light, ascending the degrees, or a new sensation in a more external form of our desire. Yet within us, only this point of qualitative difference between the Creator and the creature – the only act of Creation performed by the Creator – is at work. This is the supreme secret of how existence (Yesh) gave rise to existence from absence (Yesh Mi Ain).

The Cycle Of Spiritual Birth

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: Does a person who completed the prior stage of spiritual development and acknowledged its death realize that the “dead” stage became his “grave” and that he will be reborn again?

My Answer: A person won’t be concerned about that at all. He is simply unable to continue to stay within his old desire. It feels disgusting to him. His old desire died and he simply cannot stay alive at that same stage any longer. This is because it becomes “receiving” for himself while he is still striving to reach the stage of bestowal. He is not preoccupied with what awaits him; he simply cannot stay where he is any longer since it means death for him.

The sensation of death that is associated with the previous level is what brings the person to a new stage. The grave transforms into his spiritual, mother’s womb and the whole process starts all over again…until the womb turns into the grave. This is how our lower level transforms into the upper one and we advance.

We don’t get anything that is “ready-made” for us; we must make efforts to discover and attract the Light. At each stage, we work with the same desires by investigating them each time at a deeper level because the Light we attract progressively returns us back to the Source. We come to understand that we are unable to stay within the old desire and that we have to be re-born at a newer level, whatever it demands of us.

This transition is similar to the exodus from Egypt. We escape into the darkness. We don’t see the Light ahead of us. Like in the exodus, we are preoccupied with escaping and in a hurry. Our current situation becomes totally intolerable to the extent that even death seems more preferable than life. At this point we are being born in the new spiritual level.

To Replace Hatred with Love

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: We have a guy in our group who is stuck in a state of hatred like a billiard ball in a pocket for several years now. After all this time it is clear that he won’t be pulling himself out. How can we help him, what advice can we give? What can he do with such hatred?

My Answer: Sometimes years are necessary to realize the necessity of replacing hatred with love, and another few years for the Upper Light to make that happen within us.

Don’t Lose Aim Of The Goal

Dr. Michael Laitman The spiritual goal is unity – the unification of a person who aspires to the Creator, the Light of Correction, and the Creator into one whole. A person has to remain inside this goal in every state and at every moment. Then he will advance toward it.

But how can he advance if he is already inside the goal? Where can he keep advancing if he has already “caught” the goal right now, at this very moment? The answer is that a moment later he will receive a greater desire to enjoy, and then he will have to “catch” the goal once again. That is how we advance, step by step.

Don’t think that the goal is shining for you from somewhere far ahead and you will reach it one day. You have to attain it right here and now, and not a moment later.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 03.21.10

Preparation to the Lesson — Shamati #12: “The Essence of One’s Work

In the beginning a person wants to bestow because he receives pleasure from it and later he wants to bestow for the sake of bestowal, without any connection to himself.
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The Book of Zohar — Selections, Chapter “VaYaera (And The Lord Appeared),” Item 112
All Kabbalistic books describe how to build a middle line; how to build yourself out of receiving and bestowal, the two forces that come from the Creator.
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“Beit Shaar HaKavanot,” Item 43, Lesson 14
The entire correction is concentrated in the world of Atzilut where the qualities of Malchut and Bina are joined together for the purpose of completing one another on the way to a mutual goal.
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Article — “The Individual And The Nation,” Lesson 4
Each nation’s uniqueness must be used for bestowing to others.
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Attaining Infinite, Eternal Pleasure

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: If the Creator is the quality of bestowal, how can we bring delight to a quality? Does He really need anything from me?

My Answer: The Creator needs you to enjoy. The host wishes only one thing: for the guest to enjoy. However, He places a condition before you; you can enjoy only when you become like Him.

After all, we don’t want a child to receive pleasure only on his tiny level. We want him to continue growing, to become more mature and smarter. In order to help him develop, we surround him with toys that cause him to advance, rather than to just bring him pleasure. We seek an additional benefit in the activities for children.

The Creator treats us in much the same manner. He does not want us to remain as little animals. At the level of receiving for ourselves, we merely feel a brief life, and even over the course of this life we are never really able to enjoy.

However, if we enjoy while fulfilling the Creator, it does not vanish. We continuously feel even the most minor pleasure that we give Him in His desires to which we connect ourselves.

Why is it that all the pleasures that we feel in our life vanish? We want them to stay. Why should they fade? It is as though we consent to this, but why?

The spiritual world is called eternal. If you feel pleasure there once, it remains and fills you all the time. This is because the pleasure does not annul the desire, since the pleasure exists in one place while the desire exists in another. Therefore, you do not face any problem, you simply add more and more all the time. By this, there is an ascent by the spiritual degrees.

Meanwhile, in this world, everything occurs in one plane, where you move from one loss to another, until life ends, and that’s it.

Let’s hope that we will understand the unique opportunity that is contained in the science of Kabbalah – a science on how to receive infinite and eternal pleasure, and that we will realize it.