Solution Of The Crisis: Recognition That We Are One

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Guardian): Scientists have learned that selection of a sexual partner depends not on the person, but on the preferences of the species in general. “People are usually attracted to partners with similar facial features to their own, but after a brief but stressful experience, men’s preferences changed to include a wider variety of women, the study found…Lass-Hennemann speculates that stress might increase men’s tendency to “outbreed,” or reproduce with more genetically dissimilar women, with the potential benefit that any children born from the relationship might be better equipped to cope with a stressful environment.”

My Comment: We see that our actions are controlled not by our individual consciousness, but by the consciousness of our biological species. This biological consciousness gives us commands directed towards benefiting the whole organism. In other words, the world is structured so that on the level of biology we obey the laws of Upper Governance as methodically as robots would. Yet we don’t have such programs on the level of social connections, thus we use primitive egoistic programs of our physical body in interactions with other people.

However, these programs are not directed toward survival of the species as a whole, or even us as people. They are directed only towards survival of our biological body and raising the level of its physiological comfort. When we take the same biological mechanism protecting our body, and apply it to interactions with other people, then that protection system prevents us from getting closer with the other person.

At the end of the 20th century, the use of this biological protection mechanism toward social interaction evolved into an egoistic problem for all of humanity. The reason is that we (the human species) are approaching a new level of self-organization that we must move toward in the 21st century. Therefore, if we will not mindfully overcome the forces of repulsion among us, the transition will arrive in a dramatic way.

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  1. Thinking about Adam and Eve, in terms of bestowal and reception;
    Can we say that in each person exists a female and a male part, and we should recognise them consciously and work with both in order to be able to form the middle line? When that’s right then being a man or women should make no difference in studying Kabbalah.


    Eve represents women and reception, and Adam men and bestowal, and men and women should work together to build the middle line? (then the women and men should have different means in studying Kabbalah. What is the difference? As a woman should I have different screens than a man?


    Adam was not satisfied having both receiving and bestowal characters in himself, was bored, and that he can see the difference, the woman is created to function as a mirror, to show Adam the difference between bestowal and reception? meaning the women can only help the men to correct themselves and when the men are corrected through the men the women will be automatically corrected? Is that why there is no women Kabbalists writing books?

    In each term women and men should work together. Why to get separate during studying then? Doesn’t it make it more difficult to correct yourself when a part failed?

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