Transforming Through Spiritual States

Dr. Michael Laitman If you acted correctly at your current stage meaning that you “practiced the Torah” and thereby you attracted the necessary amount of Light, then the stage you passed becomes your “grave” and in its place a new stage will emerge. In fact, the new stage is the same as the old but at a much greater depth. This is so that when we reach it we experience a higher level of clarification that leads to attracting more extensive Light. While staying in Malchut of the World of Infinity, we gradually reveal all the worlds, one by one, from older ones to newer ones. The process of advancing progressively uncovers the whole Universe to us. We all are already present in this Universe, but we don’t see much of it.

In order to do so, we make efforts. “Applying enough effort” means that we were able to pass our previous step and transform it into the next. It won’t emerge by itself unless we work hard. Where will it come from? We have to develop it ourselves by sharpening our vision and perception.

If we are all present in the World of Infinity at this very moment, then why don’t we see it? Why do we see this world instead? It is because we lack the correct desire! In order to develop it, we should attract more Light. Only then can we start sensing the World of Infinity.

To attract the Light, we need the group. The group is what we call “practicing the Torah.” This situation arises each time we transition from one level to another. As it is written, when a person dies, the Higher Judge asks him these questions: “Did you practice the Torah? Did you await salvation?” The true meaning of these questions is: “Did you find the right method to reach the correct goal?”

If the right question arose within us, if the right desire was formed, then the following stage will reveal itself. And if not, then we will “die,” and there won’t be a “grave” in which we are buried. It means that we won’t reach the state where we sense that we have the grave needed for the spiritual birth of the next state. And as a result, we are unable to see yet our next state which then gives us birth.

When we complete our previous stage, we leave it. This is what is called “the grave.” It is not scary at all! Let’s pray that the Creator grants us prompt transformations.

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