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Weekly Torah Portion – 04.10.13

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, “Tazria Mezura” Selected Excerpts

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Europe Faces A High Tide

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from New Scientist): “Hurricanes usually form in the western tropical Atlantic and head north-west to the US. Occasionally they make it to Europe by piggybacking on the jet stream.

“To simulate future hurricanes, Reindert Haarsma of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in De Bilt and colleagues ran a detailed climate model for 2094 to 2098, assuming modest future greenhouse gas emissions.

“They found that future hurricanes formed further east in the tropical Atlantic, as that area had warmed sufficiently to provide enough heat and moisture to power them. As a result, many didn’t hit the US and instead struck Western Europe. The storms weakened once they left the tropics, but powered up again when they entered cold and windy areas, becoming hybrid storms like Sandy, halfway between winter storms and hurricanes.”

My Comment: Catastrophic climate change should appear not at the end of the century, but in the coming years. Disturbing the balance with nature will lead to huge losses. But the problem is not in the environment, but in the human being because of all the levels of nature, still, vegetative, animal, and human—only the human being by his social behavior, rather than by the impact of technology, is capable of influencing the balance of system, for better or for worse.

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Getting Out Of My Skin

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo be a Tzadik (righteous) means to justify the Creator in all circumstances. A person is given every state to help him to want to go outside of his skin to such an extent that darkness thickens around him, and this is a very great help that the Creator sends someone ready to be a Tzadik.

A person is placed in situations that are unacceptable to his ego so that he will be ready to come out of himself. It is clear to us that the spiritual world is above this physical world. Therefore, everything physical must die, but this is not about the usual death of all humans, but rather, that a person, himself, will agree that all of his worldly values will die. And thereby, he acquires the next level: spiritual life.

He exits his body, being released from all self-interest in what will happen to him, above all the situations into which the Creator puts him. He concurs with these circumstances, accepting them happily as builders of his new, spiritual level, for they raise him above his physical conditions, take him out of the limits of his skin and, particularly, make it possible for him to ask for adherence with the Creator from within the darkness. The only inclination this person will have is to give the Creator contentment while he, himself, is found in the dark.

In this, he sees his salvation, his departure from exile. Outside of his skin, he feels true life because he can satisfy the Creator without any consideration of self. Thus, he defeats the darkness, the suffering, the fear, the anxiety, and the shame that he feels, which were revealed intentionally to indicate to him his corporeal limitations and to help him rise above himself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/13, Shamati #36

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Whom Do I Want To Correct?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, Volume 1, Essay 30: “What to Look For in the Assembly of Friends”: For this reason, it makes no difference if the friend is slandering him and must certainly hate him. Instead, a person who wishes to acquire love of others, that person needs the correction of loving the other.

Therefore, when a person makes the effort and judges him to a scale of merit, it is a Segula [remedy/power/virtue], where by the toil that a person makes, which is called “an awakening from below,” he is given strength from above to be able to love all the friends without exception.

A person doesn’t ask for the friends to love him. Instead, he asks for the power to love the friends even though he feels coldness, rejection, and hatred from their side. He only needs a power that makes it possible for him to love—above all failures and problems that he discovers on all sides.

It is written: “They have eyes and see not,” and everyone rejects according to his own flaws. The Creator arranges all the conditions, and indeed, everyone except me has already reached the end of correction. It means that I must correct myself, and only to that the degree will the true picture appear before me time after time. Even now the true picture appears before me, but only according to the degree of my corruption. After that, when I partially correct myself, I will see something else.

The entire world will be transformed before my eyes. After all, the world doesn’t depend on anyone or anything other than my vessels (desires). The world itself is the abstract, formless Light, and it is me in particular who imparts certain forms to it.

Hence, if I see a bad relationship from a friend, I need to make the right request. Indeed, I feel a lack of something, and this “something” is in the hands of the Creator who is good and benevolent and ready to give me the desired. And all the conditions are arranged so that I will ask correctly.

This is so even when I still don’t have a true desire to love the friend who hates me, I feel that I depend on him in my relationship toward him. So, I ask to see the reason, to see the truth.

Everyone needs to reach a request like this by himself. If I don’t work on changing my relationship in regard to the friends, then in general, what am I doing? Whom do I want to change: them or myself?

One needs to answer this question inside and make the decision. Whoever changes himself “serves the Creator,” and he truly realizes the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah. And whoever wants to correct others and not himself should join the government and other organizations.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah I cannot demand another relationship toward myself. The goal of people who have gathered here is to correct themselves. Accordingly, this is how we relate to the friends: We understand that all of us together are moving  toward correction, toward love, supporting each other and helping each other to change, until we truly begin to love.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/13, Writings of Rabash

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The Final State Of The Group (Or Squeezing The Pit Out Of The Cherry)

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe may be starting a special process in which the group is now taking on such a form that we finally can feel not our personal individual states, but the general states that we are going through. We will begin to go through them together, and this is called being the people of Israel in Egypt, when one blow follows another, and then we rise above them together.

The ten plagues of Egypt don’t take place far away from us, where Pharaoh is, so that we can observe them from a distance and rejoice. These blows take place inside us, and our personal Pharaoh experiences them! So, we have been awarded to advance toward the final state of the group as one nation.

Whoever doesn’t feel the darkness yet should be worried since it means that he doesn’t work enough on the connection with the group and that he still lacks the inner work. He subconsciously may be escaping the problem, keeping his distance, instead of touching the truth a little. A person’s defensive force is operating here, scaring a person and preventing him from entering the group and clarifying things.

If he has no desire to “leap out of his body,” it means that he was not awarded with the Creator’s pressure that squeezes him like a cherry so that the pit will pop out. How else can one jump into the waves of the Red Sea? Only in this way, under pressure, like on a cherry. Can you imagine what great pressure that is?

If the spiritual world is above the corporeal world, which means above life and death, then I should feel that I am ready for this transition! This body, this life with everything in it, isn’t worth anything compared to the world into which I am moving.

The shell that prevents us from advancing can be broken only by the force of love and mutual concern, only by the general work together with everyone. If you don’t feel the general concern for the society, for the community, for the whole, global Bnei Baruch community, for the whole world, you will not be able to be involved in this process.

Part of the group already may be going through it while you are standing on the side as it is passing you by, and you don’t hear, see, or feel it. Instinctively, you ignore the difficulties and guard yourself, thus keeping yourself at a distance.

We must be involved in everything that the group, the community, and the global Bnei Baruch society deals with, and be sensitive and on the alert as to all the worries and the changes that everyone experiences. Whoever is not actively involved in this general process are called “women,” “children,” “slaves,” and “sheep and goats.” These categories determine all the types of people in our global group who somehow are connected to us, but only externally.

So, accordingly, only “600,000 souls” receive the Torah.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/5/13, Shamati #61

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125 Degrees Of Revelation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Each of us has already filled his personal measure of exertion, and if we only connect for the one small collective blow, we will breakthrough. What does this collective blow mean? Do I have to clarify the general state of the whole group instead of my personal clarifications?

Answer: A blow is not a mental clarification, but an effort in our heart in order to be incorporated in one another, in order to connect and to devote myself to society so that I can draw the Light that Reforms for the friends; this is what every individual should do for everyone.

125 Degrees Of Revelation
We are in a circle, and if everyone annuls himself and adds his desire to that circle, then we can build a certain zone of general bestowal, of the general desire, inside the circle. Everyone annuls himself, restricts himself on the level of first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph –TA), a Masach (screen), and tries to be in a state of giving to everyone.

It turns out that we build one common heart and mind between us that is similar to the Creator. The force of bestowal, the Light, appears according to the equivalence of form. This whole collective zone that is full of Light is called the general soul because the Light that fills the vessel is called a soul or the revelation of the Creator.

This pattern continues the whole way. There are 125 degrees of my ego: from the 1st to the 125th degree; I discover them one by one, restrict each one on the level of the first restriction, then the Masach, a state of smallness, and then a state of greatness, while being incorporated in everyone. This is all our work.

Thus, by rising higher above my ego, I build 125 degrees of ascent, the entrance into the general collective heart, into everyone. Then it becomes the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) for me, that is, full of the Light of Ein Sof. Where do I discover it? In the connection with all the friends which all of humanity later joins. Behind each of us there are many other millions of people who join us and connect through us, who are incorporated in the general collective force that we have formed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/28/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.10.13

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, Igrot,” Letter 56

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpt, “Ki Tetze,” Item 21, Lesson 2 

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 3, Part 10, Lesson 28

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Lesson 20

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