Europe Faces A High Tide

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from New Scientist): “Hurricanes usually form in the western tropical Atlantic and head north-west to the US. Occasionally they make it to Europe by piggybacking on the jet stream.

“To simulate future hurricanes, Reindert Haarsma of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in De Bilt and colleagues ran a detailed climate model for 2094 to 2098, assuming modest future greenhouse gas emissions.

“They found that future hurricanes formed further east in the tropical Atlantic, as that area had warmed sufficiently to provide enough heat and moisture to power them. As a result, many didn’t hit the US and instead struck Western Europe. The storms weakened once they left the tropics, but powered up again when they entered cold and windy areas, becoming hybrid storms like Sandy, halfway between winter storms and hurricanes.”

My Comment: Catastrophic climate change should appear not at the end of the century, but in the coming years. Disturbing the balance with nature will lead to huge losses. But the problem is not in the environment, but in the human being because of all the levels of nature, still, vegetative, animal, and human—only the human being by his social behavior, rather than by the impact of technology, is capable of influencing the balance of system, for better or for worse.

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