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Unity And A Little Chutzpah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: This evening we are arranging a special lesson symbolizing the end of the Passover holiday, the departure from the ego. How do we need to approach this with a maximum request to cross the Machsom?

Answer: This comes suddenly. Nobody knows exactly when, nobody can predict anything. But Baal HaSulam writes that the time of Passover is a very important time; in our world it’s a special time regarding the Surrounding Lights.

Indeed, the departure can take place any time, any day, but at the same time we need to do as much as possible according to the communication of the physical branch with the spiritual root. We have a chance, and for this a great cooperative effort is required, likewise a little chutzpah (audacity).

– We deserve it!

– Why?

– Because!

This is compulsory. Regarding this it’s said: “My sons have defeated me.” Though I know that I don’t deserve it, in spite of it all, I demand, apply pressure, and this audacity is very useful because it shows that I am going beyond the limits of my ego, I believe that I depend on the Creator and it’s specifically from Him that I demand what I want. Here lies not just an emotional outburst but a deliberate shout, a necessary assault in His direction: “Do it!” That is how new Kelim, additional deficiencies, are aroused in me.

Question: What is needed in order to build this demand throughout the day?

Answer: It is necessary to concentrate on the opposition formed at the time of the departure from “Egypt,” on connection and elevation above our individual and collective ego. In general, we require a demand with the addition of audacity. And the main thing is unity. And don’t be distracted by anything else.

Question: How must one be audacious about this request and at the same time ask on behalf of everyone, together with everyone?

Answer: It’s written that we leave Egypt in the dark of night. This doesn’t say that it’s necessary to wait until it gets dark outside and to turn out the lights at home. No, this is darkness of the ego, which we feel inside of us when nothing more can save us and there is no possibility of escape.

We need to run toward the center of the group, toward love of friends, toward love of another. It’s necessary to concentrate on this; we require the importance of only this. The Light reveals the Kelim and corrects them. Everything comes from that except for the request for help.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/13, Writings of Rabash

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Don’t Wait, Act!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When men unite, they cause a feeling of incomparable thrill in women. We, women, are looking very much forward to this.

Answer: You should not wait for this. You need to act. Otherwise, nothing will happen. You should pressure men, help them, that is, behave like a wife at home in relation to her husband. That is how the entire women’s part of the world group must affect the men’s part. In principle, the soul is composed of male and female parts, and the Creator is between them.

You should not rely on men only. On their own, they would not have built the world. They cannot give birth, raise children, and perform household duties. That is why they need support, help, direction, and pressure. This is what a woman usually does at home, helping her husband.

The entire Kli (vessel) is the women’s part, not the men’s. The men do attract the Light, but to the women’s desire, to the women’s aspiration. Thus, it is necessary to match the women’s and men’s parts correctly. However, don’t wait! On the contrary, if you do not cause an urgent need to attract the Light in men, they will not do that. This is how we are organized.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 4

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Cleave To The Creator More Strongly

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is said that he who cleaves to the Upper One does not fail, that he is above all problems. How can we increase the desire to cleave to the Creator, to overcome all adversities, and rise above everything that we feel from the Creator?

Answer: We have already discussed that a person cannot do anything alone. Those problems that the Creator gives us just seem personal. No one has personal problems because of the Kli (vessel) that became shattered in the world of Nikudim. In other words, the soul of Adam that was in the world of Atzilut was common, and all the problems are the demonstration of the shattering of the correct, common state. That is why it is impossible to say that I am uncorrected. There is no human being who was like that because I am uncorrected only in my attitude toward the common state that was originally created.

The shattering occurred not in every one of us but between the parts of the common soul, and that is why we need to correct the connection between us. This is very important. We need to remember this and constantly try to imagine the corrected state, and then we suddenly will see how the general mosaic comes together and turns into a beautiful, joint Lego, and the upper world is manifested in this combination.

Question: When we are connected together, the Light passes through us to the 99% of humanity. In this case, do we need to cleave to the Creator more strongly to be able to transmit the Light more?

Answer: Of course. This is because the world will demand more and more from us. It is in a critical state even now. We need to perceive its state as a plea to us because when a baby who is feeling bad is crying, his parents guess what he wants. So, are we: The world screams, it feels bad, and we must guess what it needs. It needs unity. That is why we must act in this way.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 4

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I Want To Rise To You…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the group has someone with an addiction and he has fallen from the general process, what efforts does it have to make in order to be in partnership with the Creator and to overcome our enemy, the ego?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t respond to a person’s individual requests. He actually does respond but not really in the person’s favor, since the person doesn’t give Him a chance to be revealed.

Suppose, I cry out now that I expect the Creator to be revealed to me. I have books and everything that I need! I lock myself in a room and begin to think, to shout, and to suffer.

Will the Creator be revealed to me? No. Why not? Where is the resistance that we build between us? Where is the enemy? He is gone. Where is the place in which He should be revealed?

The Creator should be revealed in the resistance, in the ego, in the fact that I cannot connect with the friends and ask for His help. Only then is He revealed!

But if I think about myself and only mumble: “Well, reveal Yourself to me,” then it will lead to nothing. Why should He reveal Himself?

“I want to rise to you…” what does it mean to rise to Him? It means to become equal to Him, to be close to Him in my attributes. What does it mean to be close to Him in my attributes? One unique and special. This means that the more we connect, the closer we are to Him, and so He is revealed in us.

There are seven billion people in the world. When we begin to rise, then in the next level we will feel that we are like one billion and then like one million, and then as one hundred people, and finally as one. This is the ladder upon which we ascend to the Creator.

I Want To Rise To You…
But if I cry out: “Raise me, reveal Yourself to me!” Then, how can He reveal Himself? There is nothing in you; you are but a point. Only our world can be felt in a point.

Today, His condition is that you can succeed only if you begin to connect and at the same time worry about the whole world. See what a crisis He has put the world into. This is what Baal HaSulam writes about. Only by thinking about the whole world do we gradually begin to rise.

On every level humanity will feel that it is becoming smaller, more compact, and its members will feel closer to one another like in a group, until we all become one. Only when we become one, will we be equal to the Creator.

So we have no other choice but to start connecting in order to reveal Him and to see that we cannot do it by ourselves,

How many times have we read the passage from The Zohar about Rabbi Shimon’s students who were great sages and were on the level of Arich Anpin of Atzilut, the highest level of attainment, which is the revelation of the Creator, the feeling of the upper world. See how they hated one another so intensely that they were ready to kill each other when they started writing The Book of Zohar.

We have to reach such states in which we demand that the Creator be present so that He will connect us. But the relations between us are cold: I don’t really feel like it; I am in a bad mood… we haven’t even reached the feeling of hatred yet.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 3

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“S&P Warns Of Socially Explosive Situation In Eurozone”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Reuters): “Standard and Poor’s sees a high risk that Spain, Italy, Portugal and France will not be able to carry through necessary reforms as the unemployed become less willing to put up with austerity, S&P’s Germany head Torsten Hinrichs told a newspaper.

“The high unemployment in Spain, Italy and France is socially explosive,” Hinrichs was quoted as saying in Monday’s Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

“’There has to be a social consensus for saving measures. High unemployment … does not help.’

“Hinrichs said the people of Spain and Portugal had already proven they were willing to bear with austerity measures, but ‘this cannot continue forever.’”

My Comment: It is necessary to immediately announce the introduction of integral education among the recipients of unemployment benefits and to test its effectiveness in a month, then social explosion would not be a threat, and on the contrary, “out of nowhere” a general sense of security and wellbeing will rise. It is elementary psychology …

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The Secret Of Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur main mission is to unite between ourselves. We need to understand that this is our destiny. This is what has brought us to a science that investigates the nature of the world, the management of the world—to the science of Kabbalah.

As you know, the first book on this subject was written 5772 years ago by Adam. Today, it is up to us to disseminate this knowledge as quickly as possible to all of Europe, and certainly to the whole world. We must show that everyone passes through this process. We began a little earlier; we study it and understand what is taking place. And without learning and understanding, in spite of it all, the entire world is sharing in this.

We have already had the chance to be convinced about this: We are speaking about it today, and in another few years the world begins to approach our ideas and understanding; people here and there suddenly are beginning to say the same things. Although, in fact, nobody used to speak about connection and the requirement for human change and connection between people, today many speak about this. On the Internet network, there is already an enormous amount of material and writing; conventions and conferences have been held on this subject. This message is gradually penetrating humanity, and we are like the “brain” from which this influence comes, spreading signals and waves. These seem to spread below the surface, acting upon everyone.

However, we need to strive to do this much more rapidly, effectively, and consistently. This is our mission. And therefore we, who are found here, and all of our friends all over the world, including those who are not present here and yet are found in this convention together with us, must understand that it was specifically for this that we were led to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

At the time when I came to my teacher Rabash, I found myself around old men. Rabash was more than forty years older than me, and all the rest were around his age. There was nobody there less than 65, and I was 30 years old. I asked him.

– “Exactly what do I need in order to advance?”

– Rabash answered, “You need a group.”

I began to give lectures and to teach; I brought new people, and a group was formed.

– “And what else?”

– “Continue.”

I continued. I wrote books, organized lectures; I was always concerned about expanding the range of people. And so when Rabash saw that I was occupied with this, he transmitted the method of spiritual development to me. I saw this really clearly. Baal HaSulam also writes about what a person needs to do. It was very clear to me that the secret of all of my success in the wisdom of Kabbalah is to be found solely and only in dissemination.

It is impossible to reach discovery of the upper world alone since it is discovered through the right cooperation between people. Even though I am an egoist, an individualist in my manner, a scientist, closed in his own room (I am like this even today, my manner has not changed), in spite of all this, I must work with people. Since otherwise, if I had not actually been involved in dissemination, in expansion, in bringing people in, I would not have attained anything, I would not have discovered anything.

You know from all the Kabbalistic sources that nothing is discovered in one person; rather, it is only through his connection with others. This was once a small group. Today, since the world is completely different, an entirely different relationship towards it is required of us: We must be concerned about it; we must disseminate. For us realization of our connection through the method of Kabbalah is the inner work. And we need to disseminate that method in its external form—the method of integral education.

So, our mission is to help Europe to be integral, connected in a mutual form, unified. And our elevation depends on how much we invest in this dissemination, in this education.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/22/13, Lesson 1

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The Exit From Neutral States

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When something bad happens to me, let’s suppose that my car breaks down, I say that it comes from the Creator. When something good happens, for example, I came to a convention, I also say it is from the Creator. However, between these bad and good states, there is an ordinary, neutral life that I cannot link with the Creator. How can I see that the Creator is in everything, always and everywhere?

Answer: When we are experiencing intense feelings, no matter whether they are bad or good, then, of course, we can begin to more easily connect ourselves, our good or bad states, with the Creator.

Of course, we always are yearning for what is good. However, in general, we must seek the state in which we are closer to the Creator, and how we feel, good or bad, should not matter. As a rule, the Creator awakens us when we are in bad states, and then we demand Him.

It is very difficult for us to be in neutral states! I am inclined to lie down on a sofa. I stare up to the ceiling, and do not want to think or do anything. I am overcome by despair and emptiness, and there could be many such minutes, hours, and days.

Only the group can help us and give us a good shake. In principle, this is the work in dissemination and responsibilities in the group.

Just think. If a man did not get married, did not have children, and were not responsible for his family, children, and home, he would just lie on a sofa. This is a man’s nature, his normal condition. So first, there is a need for a woman who will get him going, saying “Get to work! I have children to feed and expenses to keep up with,” and a man feels responsibility. Secondly, life, itself, forces him.

Learn from life! What should we do to make it force us to work in the group and actively participate in it, because, based on all this, we would develop a desire for further activities. We need to be organized.

What would you do if the entire group were in a descent? Let’s suppose that you have a small group of five to ten people, and everyone is in the same state. Who can raise them up if there is no other group around, if there is no connection with them, not even one? Even if the group members have some dissemination responsibilities, they would always find an excuse, saying “I am sick” or “Let’s do it later.” That is to say, we must be connected.

As it is written, “the prisoner cannot free himself from prison.” Only others can. So, you can get out of neutral states only with the help of others.

Take this into account and establish connections between each other. Organize a good European team to make a constant survey on what is going on in every group, how it is acting, how it is working, what plans the group has, and so on.

Create a website for a united European group. Based on this, you will see how quickly you develop. This is the only problem! One group, even the best one, cannot do anything and advance.

If, today, the Creator has already given us this global framework, we must be connected with everyone. That is why I ask all the world groups to make our unity worldwide. Then, we will make a huge leap forward. This is the only thing we lack to reveal the Creator.

Our neutral states should teach us that we must stop this. We need all the parts of the world Kli (vessel) to be ready to help you always and get you out of these states.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 3

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Come, See, Reveal…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does “revelation of the Creator” mean?

Answer: The Creator (Bore) means: “Come and see” (Bo-re) which means revelation.

How can we approach Him? We can do it solely through convergence. Let’s say, we have ten different people. If we gradually build one man out of all of them (as one man with one heart), we come to a point when we become one whole. Then, we reveal the Creator; “Re” stands for “revelation.”

In other words, the Creator discloses Himself in one general Kli (vessel), in His new property. We are the ones who “create” the Creator. We are the ones who “build” Him out of ten, twenty, a thousand different points. It doesn’t really matter how many points are involved in one joint whole.

Come, See, Reveal…
Let’s say, there is a structure that consists of forty people; this structure is called “as one.” It is the Creator. In other words, by uniting a multiplicity into “one,” it gives us a sensation of the Creator. We feel the Creator only in this form, that’s why He is called “Bo-Re.”

We can feel it only inside our properties. Currently, we sense the world within our egoistic qualities. However, if we manage to change our isolated, shattered, and destroyed qualities and make them integral and united, we’d be able to sense “the Integral,” the unity, which is called “the Creator.”

Question: Do we disclose the Creator to the 99%?

Answer: We reveal the Creator in order to please everybody who is outside us. The Creator can be discovered only in the property of bestowal, that’s why we work to enhance connections among us and boost the importance of our unity by making it higher than our egoism.

When we rise above and exit outside ourselves, we unite into one common spiritual body that is named a “Partzuf.”

Come, See, Reveal…
This is the exact place where we reveal the unity that is called “the Creator.”
From the European Convention 3/22/13, Lesson 2

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.03.13

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, “Come Unto Pharaoh – 1”

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpt, “Va’Etchanan,” Lesson 7 

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 3, Part 10, “Ohr Pnimi,” Item 44

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Writings of Rabash, “Article 13,” Lesson 2

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