Come, See, Reveal…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does “revelation of the Creator” mean?

Answer: The Creator (Bore) means: “Come and see” (Bo-re) which means revelation.

How can we approach Him? We can do it solely through convergence. Let’s say, we have ten different people. If we gradually build one man out of all of them (as one man with one heart), we come to a point when we become one whole. Then, we reveal the Creator; “Re” stands for “revelation.”

In other words, the Creator discloses Himself in one general Kli (vessel), in His new property. We are the ones who “create” the Creator. We are the ones who “build” Him out of ten, twenty, a thousand different points. It doesn’t really matter how many points are involved in one joint whole.

Come, See, Reveal…
Let’s say, there is a structure that consists of forty people; this structure is called “as one.” It is the Creator. In other words, by uniting a multiplicity into “one,” it gives us a sensation of the Creator. We feel the Creator only in this form, that’s why He is called “Bo-Re.”

We can feel it only inside our properties. Currently, we sense the world within our egoistic qualities. However, if we manage to change our isolated, shattered, and destroyed qualities and make them integral and united, we’d be able to sense “the Integral,” the unity, which is called “the Creator.”

Question: Do we disclose the Creator to the 99%?

Answer: We reveal the Creator in order to please everybody who is outside us. The Creator can be discovered only in the property of bestowal, that’s why we work to enhance connections among us and boost the importance of our unity by making it higher than our egoism.

When we rise above and exit outside ourselves, we unite into one common spiritual body that is named a “Partzuf.”

Come, See, Reveal…
This is the exact place where we reveal the unity that is called “the Creator.”
From the European Convention 3/22/13, Lesson 2

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