The Role Of The Group Is To Discover The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe main and only role of the group, I would say, is to increase the importance of the attribute of bestowal in my eyes. Many articles speak about it. If I have to acquire this attribute and to yearn for it, but I cannot do it by myself because I don’t know about this attribute, then I need some external source that will spur me in that direction. This is the group.

So the role of the group is to raise the attribute of bestowal in me, or the Creator’s greatness.

In order to discover the Creator, we have to prepare a place for His revelation. Now this place of connection between us is egoistic, and so the Creator in them is concealed. This is why our world, our state, is called the concealment of the Creator.

In order to reveal Him, we have to create among us attributes of bestowal that are compatible with Him. The place for the revelation of the Creator is the altruistic connections, the attributes of bestowal among us. They are first revealed in the group where we can develop them by constantly raising the attribute of bestowal and thereby become attracted to it.

Originally this attribute is called Shechina, which means the place for the revelation of the dweller (Shochen in Hebrew). The root of the word Shechina (in Hebrew) means a place to dwell (Mishkan) or a vessel.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/18/12, Workshop 4

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