Don’t Lose Your Head In The Hot Embrace Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanInner work is divided into night and day. “Before sunrise” man prays for the salvation of the Shechina from exile. These are such internal states, when man feels that he is in exile from the quality of bestowal, from the good desire, from the land of Israel, the desire directed straight at the Creator (Isra-el).

One needs to delve into this feeling a little bit in order to feel the depth of his egoistic desires. After all, if you are not in the land of Israel, it means that you are in Egyptian slavery! It is necessary to realize how great the concealment is and that you are not able to come out of it by the means of your own strength.

However, one must not lose control of this state, and after checking yourself, you must wake up and come out of it, rise and take care that you have strength, and it was not completely lost in the feeling of exile.

Now, you need to gradually awaken and in the darkness, prepare your desires in expectation of Light. Bitter dissatisfaction, which you felt in Egypt, must transform from the material feeling that you feel bad into a call, an urging towards corrections. It was necessary because otherwise you would not have woken up.

You need to see what corrections you need and begin attuning yourself to bestowal until you reach a true demand for bestowal, meaning towards obtaining an anti-egoistic screen.

We do not understand that we are in bestowal; it is not simple at all. The unity, which man attains with the Creator, gives him great fulfillment; it softens his heart and gives the feeling of complete freedom from one’s egoism, and starts to rule over it. The Light comes and takes power over man if he reaches correct unity with a close one.

And for this, one needs very strong desires in order to not lose one’s head, to maintain control over oneself, and to accept this feeling precisely for the sake of giving pleasure to the Creator. Since here, there is a great danger of beginning to enjoy for yourself, and then man will not fall simply into petty earthly egoistic desires, but into the true Klipot.

That is why we need to prepare our desires for the Light in the darkness of the night, and then right before dawn the upper spiritual Partzufim Aba ve Ima unite. All of the spiritual pleasures that we receive and the Upper Light, all of that is the consequence of unity, meaning the Light, the warmth, which is born from it.

That is why, on one hand, one needs to passionately aspire towards unity, but on the other hand, to stop and strongly control oneself in order not to cleave to it naturally and egoistically, but only consciously and deliberately. It is as if a man is running full-speed, eager to reach unity, but at the very last moment just before touching it, he must stop abruptly and check himself! This is the whole meaning of the wars when entering the land of Israel.

He must clearly identify whether he will now reveal this unity specifically for the sake of bestowal or not. Since when he is not yet in unity, it is not that scary what kind of intentions he will have. For now, his actions are egoistic and the intentions are broken. However, when he begins to enter unity, a danger to enter the unclean forces emerges, the Klipot.

The result of unity and the revelation, which has been reached due to it, must be directed only at the benefit for the Creator, and not for one’s own benefit. Here is where the true war against one’s desire to enjoy begins.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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