The Exit From Neutral States

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When something bad happens to me, let’s suppose that my car breaks down, I say that it comes from the Creator. When something good happens, for example, I came to a convention, I also say it is from the Creator. However, between these bad and good states, there is an ordinary, neutral life that I cannot link with the Creator. How can I see that the Creator is in everything, always and everywhere?

Answer: When we are experiencing intense feelings, no matter whether they are bad or good, then, of course, we can begin to more easily connect ourselves, our good or bad states, with the Creator.

Of course, we always are yearning for what is good. However, in general, we must seek the state in which we are closer to the Creator, and how we feel, good or bad, should not matter. As a rule, the Creator awakens us when we are in bad states, and then we demand Him.

It is very difficult for us to be in neutral states! I am inclined to lie down on a sofa. I stare up to the ceiling, and do not want to think or do anything. I am overcome by despair and emptiness, and there could be many such minutes, hours, and days.

Only the group can help us and give us a good shake. In principle, this is the work in dissemination and responsibilities in the group.

Just think. If a man did not get married, did not have children, and were not responsible for his family, children, and home, he would just lie on a sofa. This is a man’s nature, his normal condition. So first, there is a need for a woman who will get him going, saying “Get to work! I have children to feed and expenses to keep up with,” and a man feels responsibility. Secondly, life, itself, forces him.

Learn from life! What should we do to make it force us to work in the group and actively participate in it, because, based on all this, we would develop a desire for further activities. We need to be organized.

What would you do if the entire group were in a descent? Let’s suppose that you have a small group of five to ten people, and everyone is in the same state. Who can raise them up if there is no other group around, if there is no connection with them, not even one? Even if the group members have some dissemination responsibilities, they would always find an excuse, saying “I am sick” or “Let’s do it later.” That is to say, we must be connected.

As it is written, “the prisoner cannot free himself from prison.” Only others can. So, you can get out of neutral states only with the help of others.

Take this into account and establish connections between each other. Organize a good European team to make a constant survey on what is going on in every group, how it is acting, how it is working, what plans the group has, and so on.

Create a website for a united European group. Based on this, you will see how quickly you develop. This is the only problem! One group, even the best one, cannot do anything and advance.

If, today, the Creator has already given us this global framework, we must be connected with everyone. That is why I ask all the world groups to make our unity worldwide. Then, we will make a huge leap forward. This is the only thing we lack to reveal the Creator.

Our neutral states should teach us that we must stop this. We need all the parts of the world Kli (vessel) to be ready to help you always and get you out of these states.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 3

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